Being special is my new nature

Baba says, ‘let the sanskar of being special become your nature. Finish performing ordinary actions and you will then be said to have died alive.’

Brahmin life is a life of pleasure, explains Baba. So check, He says, if you always remain in pleasure (mauj) or if you are sometimes in confusion (munj). It’s not a big deal to remain in pleasure when everything is going my way; anyone can do that. The real test is when I am faced with a situation; then, am I confused, in shock, worried? or do I retain my state of pleasure? The key is to remain in pleasure constantly, teaches Baba, not just sometimes. What if, He points out, I am in a state of confusion and that happens to be my final moment!? It’s my final moments that lead to me to my destination. This is why you are told, Baba teaches, to remain ever-ready.

Ever-ready, He explains, means that no problem should be an obstacle to my becoming perfect. If the end is good, then the beginning of the future that follows will also be good. As is my state of mind, so will be the condition. This is why it is key, He says, that I remain constantly ever-ready. Often I deceive myself into thinking: ‘it was just a couple of hours or it was just a few minutes..’ but says Baba, you can be deceived even by a second; that second could be your last! So, He teaches, don’t even think it was just a minute, because you are the most valuable souls; you are invaluable. Invaluable souls, by definition, cannot be compared to the souls of the world. People of the world are ordinary- happy when things are good, sad and confused when things are not so good. But you are not ordinary, Baba points out, you are special souls.

A special soul means that everything about me is special. Whatever thoughts I have, whatever words I speak, whatever actions I perform will all be special, not ordinary. So check, He says, that you don’t become ordinary while doing something special.

For example, to think: ‘today was a good day. I haven’t made any mistakes, didn’t commit any sin, didn’t use any wrong words..’, Baba teaches, is ordinary. Instead, He says, check if you made your present and future elevated. In other words, yes, I didn’t do anything bad, but did I do anything good? Did I replace the doing bad with doing the very best? or was it that all I did was to simply get out of the way? That, Baba points out, is ordinary. Let there not be such ordinariness, He teaches, let there be something elevated. There wasn’t any loss, but was there any accumulation? Because the time to accumulate, He points out, is right now. I am now accumulating for the whole cycle. If I accumulate less, I will start later in the new world. Your aim, He reminds me, is to claim the full inheritance, attain the most elevated reward.

This is Raja Yoga, He reminds me, not the yoga to become subjects. To simply think: ‘I will go to heaven anyway…’ is deceiving myself out of my inheritance. No!, I will claim the sovereignty of the sun-dynasty kingdom from the Father. If Mama and Baba can become that, why shouldn’t I follow in their footsteps as well! This should be your attitude, He teaches. So check, He says, that every thought and every second is special. The practice of body consciousness has become natural from having practiced it for half a cycle; now, He points out, I have this short confluence age in which to make soul consciousness natural. That means, I cannot afford to let even a second be ordinary; it has to be special.

Nature does its work automatically; I don’t have to make effort or think about it, it works automatically. So now, make the sanskars of specialty your nature, teaches Baba. Rather than justify old behavior with: ‘what to do, my nature is such…’, by making specialty my natural nature, the sound that emerges should be: ‘My nature is the specialty of a special soul…’. This is what should emerge from the heart, teaches Baba. No more ordinary thinking, speaking or doing, my very nature is of specialty. This, Baba explains, is what it means to die alive. I have died alive from ordinariness and am now living with specialty. Being ordinary was the nature of my past birth, not of the present. This is my new birth and my nature of this birth is of specialty. ‘So now, finish being ordinary‘, instructs Baba, ‘there should not be anything ordinary even in your thoughts‘.

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