The new world and the old world

Baba says, ‘There is the new world and the old world, and the Father is the One who creates the new world.’

This world is a stage, says Baba and souls are actors. This is an unlimited drama between souls, the Supreme Soul and the elements. Shiv Baba, the Supreme Soul, is the Principal Actor and the Director of this Drama. Given this, He knows the beginning, middle and end of the story, that is, He has the whole script and He reveals it to me at this auspicious confluence age. This drama is more akin to a movie that gets shot and canned; it can then never be changed. In a play, if an actor falls sick, he/she can be replaced by another actor but in a movie, once it is shot, it’s final; nothing can be changed and it runs identically each time it is shown.

While those dramas/movies run for a couple of hours, this unlimited drama, Baba explains, is 5000 years long and it has many, many actors who come onto the stage at different points throughout the drama. In the beginning, the world is the golden age, it is heaven. Then, there are only about 900,000 souls at the beginning. Lakshmi and Narayan are the rulers of heaven; they are God’s most elevated creation. That, is the new world. After 1250 years, the golden age becomes the silver age. Even the silver age, Baba says, cannot really be called the new world. Then the same world gets older in the copper age and becomes really old and decayed in the iron age. Between the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age, there is this auspicious confluence age. It is now that God Himself comes onto this stage to play His role in this unlimited drama. He comes to change the old world and make it new again. He does so by purifying us souls who have become impure having been through the cycle for so long. I became impure because I forgot who I am and fell prey to the vices or Ravan. God comes and reminds me- of who I am, of Whom I belong to and of the world cycle.

Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says. This is Manmanabhav. When I do this, all my sins, not just of this birth but of all my previous births are destroyed and I become pure gold again. When I become pure, I inspire others to become pure and soon, the world becomes pure; self-transformation leads to world transformation.

Some ask: ‘Well, how do I know this is the old world?’. Baba says, ‘simply look around!‘ Reason says this is the old world! There is a lot of difference between the new and the old world. That is heaven, the land of purity, peace, happiness and prosperity. Now, there is no purity and therefore, no peace, happiness or prosperity. The wealthy of this world think that they are in heaven. Baba says, ‘they have no idea what heaven is!‘ In heaven, there is no trace of sorrow anywhere. Here, even if someone is wealthy, they don’t have good health or good relationships. There, in the new world, there is no illness, or untimely death. There is good health, wealth and happiness in relationships and not just for a few, but for all. Here, souls are slaves to the vices; there, souls are emperors. Even all the elements become my servers – there is never untimely rain, rivers don’t overflow, there are no calamities. Here, on the other hand, there are calamities every other day. There, only true Vaishnavs reside, not vicious Vaishnavs. Here, if someone becomes a vegetarian, he is called a vaishnav, but no!, says Baba. They continue to cause a lot of sorrow for one another through vice. This whole world is now Lanka and everyone are Sitas sitting in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow waiting to be rescued, explains Baba.

This is why souls call out to the Father: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. Liberate us from this sorrow and take us to the land of happiness.’ If He is the Liberator, then surely, He cannot also be the one who gives sorrow!, reasons Baba. And yet, even as they call Him the Liberator, devotees also believe that God gives both sorrow and happiness. Baba says, you can see for yourself how much you stumbled in devotion and how you spent so much money wastefully. The Father knows the drama; this is all part of the story, He explains. What is new becomes old and then new again. This is a cycle, it repeats identically every 5000 years. Now, in this drama, it is the time to accumulate for the future; it is time to prepare for the return home and then for your arrival back onto the world stage. Are you ready?, He asks. The Father inspires me to prepare.

He says: ‘Become bodiless. Renounce all bodily relations and consider yourself to be a soul. Constantly remember Me alone.’ At first, you don’t have any relations of bodies, He points out, you souls come here to play your parts. It is said: ‘You came alone and you have to return alone’; you now understand the meaning of this practically, He says. You are now becoming pure through the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is the power of this study of Raja Yoga, says Baba. So now, He says, study well and become the masters of the new world.

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