Baba says, ‘When we reach our karmateet stage, we will be worthy of going to the golden age. The Father has now come to make your stage karmateet.’

Karmateet doesn’t mean to be free from performing karma, that is not possible, explains Baba. This is a field of action and so everyone has to perform action; even the acts of breathing or drinking a glass of water are actions. But while performing action, Baba teaches me to remain detached from any bondage of action. This, He explains, is the karmateet stage.

In order to experience the karmateet stage, He says:

  1. become free from the body consciousness of any limited ‘mine, mine’.
  2. become free from selfish intentions in both lokik (worldly) and alokik (spiritual) actions and relationships.
  3. become free from the karmic accounts of the actions of your past births and from being influenced by any wasteful nature and sanskars due to the weakness of your present efforts.
  4. If any adverse situation of service, the gathering or matter makes your elevated stage shake, then that is an indicator that you are not yet free from bondage. Become free from even this.
  5. let no type of illness of your old final body in this old world make your elevated stage fluctuate; become free from even this. It is destined for the illness to come, but for your stage to fluctuate- that is a sign of being trapped in bondage. Have thoughts of the self, thoughts of knowledge and be a well-wisher. Become free from having thoughts about the illness of the body. This is said to be the karmateet stage.

Be a karma yogi, teaches Baba, and constantly be detached from any bondage of karma and always be loving to the Father; this is the karmateet and bodiless stage. No matter how big a task may be, let it not feel like you are working, but as if you are playing a game, says Baba. No matter what adverse situation rises, no matter if a soul comes in front of me to settle karmic accounts, even if any suffering of karma through the body comes in front of me, remain free, Baba says, from any limited desires, this is the bodiless stage. As long as I have this body and am playing my part on the field of action with my physical senses, I cannot stay without performing actions for even a second. However, to remain beyond the bondage of action while performing action is the karmateet stage.

To use my physical senses to perform actions that I want to perform is to come into relationship of karma but if I find myself saying things like: ‘I didn’t mean to say that but I did…’, ‘I didn’t mean to do that but it happened…’ etc., then that shows that I am in bondage; it is not a relationship. A karmateet soul has a relationship, that is, as the master, the soul enables its physical senses to perform the right action; there is no bondage.

Karmateet means to be beyond, that is, to be detached from the body, relations of the body and possessions. In the karmateet stage, because I know the secrets of the relationship of karma and bondage of karma, I always remain content in every situation. I would never get upset. Such a soul, Baba explains, would also be free from the bondage of any karmic account of his past births. Even if as a consequence of the karmic accounts of the past births, there is some illness of the body or even if the mind is in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, a karmateet soul would not be influenced by the suffering of karma, but would be a master and enable the account to be settled. To be a karmayogi and settle the suffering of karma is the sign of becoming karmateet, says Baba. With yoga and with a smile, such a soul, would change the suffering of karma from being like a crucifix to a thorn and destroy it, that is, they would finish the suffering of karma.

Wasteful thoughts are the subtle strings of some bondage of karma, says Baba. A karmateet soul would experience goodness even in something bad. Such a soul would say that whatever is happening is good. I am good, the Father is good and the drama is good. This thought, Baba says, works like scissors to cut the bondages. When the bondages are cut away, He explains, I will become karmateet.

Baba is the Purifier. He comes as my Teacher at this time and gives me knowledge of right vs wrong, of liberation vs bondage. Then, as my Guide, throughout the day, He prompts me when I get in bondages with people or in situations; He makes me aware to something I had been asleep to for half a cycle. He shows me how to do things differently such that I remain liberated-in-life. The Father says: ‘I have now come to make your stage karmateet. When you reach your karmateet stage, we will be worthy of going to the golden age.

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