Make a donation and the eclipse of vices will be removed

Baba says, ‘Make a donation and the eclipse of the vices will be removed.’

The Father, the Creator of Heaven comes to rescue His children who had been stumbling in hell for half a cycle. The Father’s property is heaven and so there is no question of sorrow there. He gives me the inheritance through Brahma, through whom He adopts souls and makes them belong to Him. Through the mouth of Brahma, He says: ‘You are my child’ and adopts me. I am therefore the mouth-born creation of Brahma; Brahma becomes my alokik father. In that sense, Shiv Baba, the Supreme Father, becomes my Grandfather! This is a wonderful family!

I am now receiving my Grandfather’s property and so Baba says, ‘you have to only remember Him.‘ I am now God’s heir, part of the Brahmin community; previously, I was Ravan’s heir, part of the devilish community. Then, I had received an inheritance from Ravan, it was the inheritance of the five vices. I now come and donate this inheritance to Shiv Baba. Baba says, ‘Donate the five vices so that the omens of eclipse can be removed.’ In heaven, I was 16 celestial degrees complete, now, this eclipse is such that not a single degree remains, says Baba. ‘Now‘, He says, ‘donate them to Me and don’t indulge in vice‘. The eclipse of unhappiness cannot be removed unless this donation is made. Donations, once made, cannot be taken back. In other words, if I indulge in a vice after I have donated it, my status is destroyed and I lose all my happiness again. So if you really want to become Narayan, then, Baba says, chase away the evil spirits, that is, make the donation.

I hear this and get busy in trying to transform my old sanskars. Baba says, ‘this is the wrong approach, this is called battling‘. Instead, He says, ‘become totally absorbed in service. Become the bestowers of fortune and blessings.‘ Become constant great donors, not servers for just four to six hours. Surrender every moment for world benefit. When I remain busy in service in this way at every second, with my thoughts, then Maya won’t have time to attack me, teaches Baba, I won’t even have time to think about ‘my problems’, ‘my situation’ or worry about ‘my sanakars’. ‘So now‘, He says, ‘don’t take time to transform your sanskars. Rather, with your elevated feelings for world benefit, let your elevated sanskars emerge. Then, in front of these elevated sanskars, the old limited sanskars of sorrow will automatically end.’ In other words, rather than work on cleaning out a glass of dirty water, I simply place it under a tap of running fresh water. Then, not only will the existing dirt be removed, but as long as the fresh water is running constantly, new dirt cannot get into the glass either; it always remains clean. So rather than battle, become victorious, He teaches.

Maya will eat those who are weak, they die instantly‘, says Baba, and this is why you have to remain strong.‘ Battling makes me weak. The running water keeps me strong because there are no germs eating away at me. To keep the water running, first thing: ‘always have pure and positive thoughts for others(shubh chintak)‘, says Baba. Even when seeing or hearing about anyone’s weakness, merge, He teaches, be merciful. This is called offering them your co-operation, says Baba, this is being a bestower of support. Don’t step away from them or have dislike for them, He teaches, but instead, forgive them. I know that they are under attack from Ravan, so then, I must offer them my support, not further weaken them, He teaches.

Second thing:is to have pure and positive thoughts for the self (shubh chintan)‘, He teaches. When I have waste thoughts about myself: ‘I am such a failure, I can’t seem to get rid of this sanskar..’, ‘this is just my karma…’, ‘everyone else is nice, I am such a disappointment to Baba…’ etc., then, Baba says, the powers I have accumulated are wasted. Therefore, He says, give your mind the homework of having pure and positive thoughts for the self or of giving yourself a title of self-respect of one thing or another. Each morning, after celebrating a meeting with BapDada at amrit vela, give your mind a point of self-respect; then revise it throughout the day, He teaches. Create a timetable for your mind, not just for your actions, He teaches. By keeping my mind busy, my time will not be wasted and I won’t then have to make effort to regain my lost stage or powers. The confluence age is an age of pleasure, so stay in pleasure. Check and change.

Third: is a pure attitude. ‘Through having an impure attitude, you spread impurity into the atmosphere‘, says Baba; therefore, have a pure attitude.

The fourth thing: is that each one has to take the responsibility: My duty is especially to create a pure atmosphere and not look at others. When there is a bad smell in the atmosphere, rather than continue to smell it, I spray a fragrance. In the same way, Baba says, if there is an impurity in the atmosphere, my attitude should be: ‘it is my responsibility to change this and make it pure’. This is the way to bring about revelation, He teaches. To fulfill this responsibility, even if you have to renounce something, Baba says, it is your duty to do it. Not to say: ‘If the system is fine, then….’, ‘if they change then,….’, don’t make conditions, says Baba. I definitely have to do this. In making negative into positive, I have to be first. Whoever comes in front of you, do not send them away empty-handed, He instructs.  Do not meet them without any virtue in your words, on your face or in your behavior.  

I will practice these teachings only when I have faith that yes, in fact, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, really has come to take me and the world from a state of degradation into salvation. That yes, in fact, He is the Father, Teacher and the true Guru. Unless there is this faith, I will listen to the teachings in an ordinary way, and then forget about it. The Father says: ‘I made you into the masters of heaven, but Ravan has now case the omens of eclipse of Rahu over everyone. I have now come once again to make you into the masters of heaven. Therefore, you mustn’t cause yourself a loss. Businessmen always keep their accounts in good order. This is now the biggest business of all, it is an imperishable business. Scarcely a few do this business, He points out. Never forget that you are now doing true business with the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Businessman and the Jewel Merchant.

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