Balance of love and power

Baba says, ‘In order to experience the flying stage, maintain a balance of two things: feelings (bhavna) filled with knowledge and yoga filled with love.

As long as I recognize the Father in His ordinary form, I attain the right to heaven; I claim my right to the inheritance. But there is a difference between claiming a right to the inheritance and claiming my full inheritance. There is a difference between just going to heaven and claiming a high status in heaven.

To claim my full inheritance is to become equal to the Father; that is what it means to go from beggar to prince, from bankrupt to the king of the world. That’s who Lakshmi and Narayan are- the Father’s most elevated creation, His equals. They got that way by emulating the Father in every aspect- in thoughts, words, vision, attitude, actions…everything. Their awareness was: ‘I am the child of the Highest-on-High Father; Every single one of His praise is my self-respect.‘ Based on that awareness, they claimed a right to every one of the virtues and powers of the Father and made them their own. And in doing so, they became like Him and became the masters of His property of heaven.

When I come to Baba, I come with no identity or sense of belonging. He gives me both. I receive a new name: child of God, a new family: the Godly family. I receive the most elevated education with the highest aim: to become a world sovereign. I receive guidance from the Satguru Himself at every step of my journey. The question is to what extent am I using all that is available to me to help me reach my aim? It’s one thing to simply have love for Baba; every child has love for the Father, says Baba. But I can only get so far based on feelings of love alone. When I am in a tough situation, if I am not powerful myself, then I will find myself get afraid and overwhelmed: ‘why is this happening!?’, ‘what do I do now?’, ‘should I do this or that?’, ‘what will happen now?’ etc. So, one minute, I am singing songs of the Father and the next minute, a little attack from Maya changes those songs into a lament of questions! But because I know the Father and have love for Him, I immediately remember Him in my time of need: ‘Baba, I need Your help..’ and He does help. God even helps the devotees who call out to Him, so of course, He will help His children who have recognized Him. But then despite being His child and having the access to the knowledge and guidance, I still completely rely on Him for everything. I haven’t imbibed the powers within myself to face situations or Maya; instead, I call on the Father, so not too different from the devotees.

And so Baba says, ‘don’t just become those with loving feelings. In order to experience the flying stage, along with the feelings of love, you also need knowledge.’

To get caught up in the questions of ‘why?’, ‘what?’, and ‘how?’ is not experiencing the flying stage; rather, it is is being under attack by Maya. Unless I experience the flying stage here, that is unless I become a self-sovereign here, I cannot become a world sovereign in the future. Sure, those who have loving feelings are also called the beads of the rosary but, Baba reminds me, there is a difference between the eight jewels, the 108 jewels, the 16000 and then the 900,000. Only the 108 are called the victorious jewels of which the eight are those that are not just victorious but they pass with honors. I don’t become victorious without imbibing the knowledge, powers and virtues. If I don’t know how to remain a detached observer of the drama, for example, or if I don’t know how to use the power of tolerance, then I cannot expect to emerge victorious. If I am just a soul with loving feelings alone, then I might find myself saying things like: ‘I should have used the power of tolerance but I didn’t remember it at the time….’, ‘I didn’t mean to say that but it just came out of my mouth…’. I know that the drama is beneficial and that I should trust it, but when the situations come, I tremble and fall apart anyway. I have the points of knowledge but no power to use it at the time of need. Knowledgeable souls on the other hand, are able to experience all the powers and use the right power at the right time and emerge victorious.

So ask yourself‘, says Baba: ‘Which type of soul am I? Am I a soul with loving feelings alone or am I a knowledgeable soul who has a balance of love and knowledge?

Having recognized the Father and having love for Him, you are worthy anyway, He says. It’s just a matter of being able to claim the full amount of what is yours. Those with love alone, have the inheritance when things are okay, then I lose it when there is an obstacle. Then, I make effort and regain what I lost but only to lose it yet again in a few minutes. This gaining and losing makes me tired. ‘If you remain cautious and clever‘, Baba says, ‘you can become embodiments of constant attainment.‘ Just as in the golden age, there will be kings and subjects, here too, Baba explains, the virtues and powers are your subjects. They have to obey your every order. Whatever power I invoke, it should become present at that moment. No one obeys a weak king! ‘So’, teaches Baba, ‘constantly be a master of the self and use all the powers and virtues for yourself and everyone in service.’ That’s the way to learn how to use the powers and also to grow them. ‘Now, pay attention and study well‘, He instructs, ‘don’t just be those who have loving feelings but become powerful.

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