You must not feel the slightest sorrow

Baba says, ‘Those who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan should not feel the slightest sorrow. Such souls are called mahavirs (brave warriors).’

When there is darkness, there is stumbling and falling. When I fall, I hurt myself and experience sorrow. For half a cycle, no less, I have been stumbling and falling in the darkness of ignorance. I forgot who I am – that I am a pure soul – and started to think of myself as a body. Once I made that wrong turn, I found myself in all kinds of dark alleyways, dead-ends, and on bumpy roads. I got stopped, mugged, taken for a ride, left alone in the rain by the wayside….Then, finally when I got to the end of my rope, I called out to the Father: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. Liberate us from this sorrow and take us to a place of rest and comfort.’

The Father came and He flicked on the switch: ‘Remember who you are and Whose you are’, He said. ‘You are a pure soul, not the body. You are My child.’ ‘Now’, He says, ‘simply remain in this awareness. That is, become soul conscious.’ It was body consciousness that made me lose my way and that pushed me into the dark alleys; Baba has come and lit the lamp of the soul such that I can see clearly again. His direction to His children is: ‘Renounce all your bodily relations, including that with your own body and continue to remember the one Father.’

When you were soul conscious‘, He reminds me, ‘you were masters of heaven, you were deities.’ Deities are human beings too- except, they have divine qualities. Because they operate based on those qualities, everything they think, speak, and do is elevated and therefore, gives happiness. When I became body conscious, I lost my way, that is, I lost my divinity and acquired devilish qualities. Consequently, everything I thought, spoke and did became wrong and thereby brought me and others sorrow. The Father says: ‘Children, I have come to once again establish the golden-aged deity religion which has one hundred percent happiness, peace and purity. This is why it is called heaven. There is no name or trace of sorrow there. That is the new world. Through establishment of the new world, I inspire the old world to be destroyed. No one else does this business.’

This is why there has to be the great war – the Mahabharata war- through which it is remembered that destruction took place. But this is not a physical war, this is an incognito war that souls fight within themselves against Maya/Ravan, that is, against those devilish, body conscious tendencies. ‘I come and teach only those who belong to the deity religion’, He says, ‘no one else would understand these things. To teach this knowledge is My part.’ He doesn’t read from scripture, He is the Ocean of Knowledge. At this point in the cycle, He is the only one in realization because unlike souls, He remains beyond the cycle of birth and death; He never forgets. He comes and reminds me that which He always remembers; He thus enables me to have self-realization.

You know that you have endured a lot of sorrow for half a cycle‘, says Baba, ‘I too know that everyone has a lot of sorrow. There is weeping and wailing in every home.’ Children don’t hesitate to kill their father for his money, brother betrays brother. Baba says, ‘this world is now so dirty! The Father comes and gives you children a vision of heaven. He comes to make you children into the masters of heaven and of the world.’ So what do I need to do for my part? Baba says, ‘I give you no difficulty, I don’t make you make any effort. You simply have to burn your sins away with the power of yoga. There is a big burden of sins on your heads.’

I will follow this direction, though, only when I have faith – in Who is telling me, in the cycle and in the study. God Himself becomes my Teacher at this time. He is the Father of all souls but He becomes the Teacher and Satguru of Brahmin souls. He is Truth and He is telling me the truth. I have to have this faith. ‘Since you have now found the Father, there should be no feeling of sorrow.’, He says. When I look at the picture of the cycle, I realize that my days of sorrow are now over; I am going to the land of happiness. Only when I have this faith will I make the effort to claim a status in that land of happiness. People only study for happiness; if I don’t have the faith that I will receive happiness, then I won’t study.

Baba says, ‘you know that you are to become the masters of the future world and you even write to Baba: Baba, we will definitely claim our full inheritance from You. But you then leave here and forget.’ I lost my way and stumbled a great deal as a result, all because I forgot. Now is not the time in the cycle to forget, it is the time to remember. It is time to get back on the right path that the Father is showing me. If I only get back on track a little but then keep going off track, I will accordingly only experience a little happiness, a little heaven. The effort, Baba teaches, has to be to claim the full inheritance- to get back and stay on track such that I don’t lose any more time or experience punishment through stumbling. ‘Whatever you claim now‘, Baba says, ‘you claim a right to that much inheritance every cycle.‘ So now, He says, become a Mahavir, that is, study well. You are going to the land of happiness, so don’t give or take sorrow. Only give and receive happiness.

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