Use the treasures

Baba says, ‘The more you use the treasures for yourself and for the service of others, the more the treasures will increase.’

The Father is the Jewel Merchant who comes bearing invaluable jewels with which He decorates His children. Each and every jewel of knowledge is more valuable than multi-millions. And so if I were to think of how many jewels the Father has given me, I wouldn’t be able to even put a number to how wealthy I am! It is the same Father that gives to all children and He gives equally. And yet, He observes, some children have increased their jewels, whereas others have not. Some are full, overflowing, others are not.

The difference is based on how well I use the jewels I have been given, explains Baba. Those who have increased their treasures have done so because they are using them appropriately according to the time, for a task. Others haven’t been able to use them for their tasks as much as they should and hence haven’t seen the treasures increase. This is why, Baba explains, they are unable to understand the value of the jewels they have. My intellect has imbibed what I have received but I am unable to experience the attainment of happiness, joy, power, peace and a stage free from obstacles that I should have by using them.

The reason for this, Baba explains, is the lack of churning power, because to churn means to put it into my life, to imbibe it. Not to churn means that the points or the jewels stay in my intellect, I don’t apply them or use them in my practical life. To churn means that I use them in every task and in every action of my life, whether it is for the self or for others; I don’t simply remember them. Its like when I keep physical jewelry in a safe or locker and don’t use it for the appropriate occasions, then neither do I experience happiness from them, nor does anyone else get to appreciate them. I simply live with the reassurance in my heart that I have the treasure, that it is safe in the locker. But neither will it increase nor will I have an experience. In the same way, if the jewels of knowledge I receive are simply sitting in the locker of my intellect but I never adorn myself with them during the situations of my life, or while performing various tasks, then, neither do I become an experienced soul myself nor do I serve others with them.

Then, when the situation comes, I remember the point but I don’t use it. For example, I might think or even say: ‘this is good, the drama is beneficial…’ but I will be trembling at the same time. I have the jewel of the drama but I don’t wear it, that is, I don’t use it to gain victory. Knowledge is a study and it is also an elevated battle weapon. This is the value of knowledge. To know the value of a weapon is to use it for a task and the more I use the weapon, the more comfortable I will get with it, and the more I continue to experience power. But if I don’t use the weapon at the right time, then the weapon becomes useless, it no longer has much value. If at the time of becoming a conqueror of Maya, I don’t use the knowledge, instead, I simply remember it, then it loses it value because I didn’t take its benefit. This is why, along the way, I lose interest in the study- it’s because I don’t see change, I don’t see benefit. Then I blame the study or the Teacher but the truth is that I didn’t see benefit because I lacked the courage to use the weapons I was given. ‘You all have the jewels of knowledge because you all have a right’, points out Baba, ‘but you are all numberwise in being full.’

So, increase your churning power‘, He instructs. Churning is the basis of experiencing the Father’s treasures to be my own. He has brought me the treasures so that I can use them, not just so I can keep them around! When digested, physical food releases nutrients into the bloodstream; same with churning. When I churn, the point of knowledge becomes an experience, it becomes my own. Only when I grind my own ingredients will I feel the intoxication and experience attainment. At the time of listening to the murli, I experience intoxication but it doesn’t remain all the time. ‘This is because of the lack of churning‘, explains Baba. To churn means to go to the bottom of the ocean, to be introverted and go into the depth of every jewel of knowledge. To simply repeat them or to give a class about them is easy. Ask yourself, says Baba: 1) what is the significance of this point? (2) in what kind of situation would this point work? (3) what method must I use to apply this point in my life? (4) with what method must I use this for the service of others?

For example, the point about drama, 1) I perform every task with utmost sincerity- this is my effort. But then, however it works out, is drama. 2) this point is useful when I am working on a task or when a situation comes into my life 3) once I finish doing what I can, then I leave it up to the drama; I trust the drama. I don’t question it or doubt it, I unconditionally trust it to be beneficial. So if the outcome is not what I expected, I trust that what has happened is better. What has happened is accurate. I might not see how yet, but I know it is. I don’t fight it, I accept it. 4) when someone makes a mistake or it seems like someone has betrayed my trust, then rather than get angry, condemn or reject them, I put it down to drama. Yes, I can’t see how a betrayal could possibly be beneficial to me but in time, I will see how that event pushed me into new territories, enabled me to try new things, built my spiritual muscles. So I trust the drama and continue to maintain my good wishes and pure feelings for the soul; this is the method.

So, listen to every point and think about these four things‘, teaches Baba. ‘Along with churning, also go into the sweetness of its significance, become lost in the experience of intoxication‘, He says. Then, I use these when the different obstacles from Maya come or when I have problems due to my own or others nature. ‘Check‘, says Baba, ‘was I successful at conquering Maya? or did I have to labor?‘ If I had to labor, then the method I used needs tweaking. Its like if I have a powerful weapon with me but I don’t yet know how to use it accurately; so rather than hit the target the weapon hits the wrong places. ‘Situations and obstacles cannot continue when you have the jewels of knowledge and the power of knowledge’, teaches Baba. Secondly, if I don’t have a constant practice of churning and then suddenly try to use the jewels at the time of need, then I find I am unable to. And so Baba says, ‘you need to practice constantly and practice over a long period of time.’ Otherwise, I become like Kumbhakarna, says Baba, who was careless enough to go to sleep thinking: ‘let them come, and I will be victorious.’ I have therefore got to increase my churning power every day.

You are full of all treasures, you are enlightened souls‘, Baba reminds me. ‘You simply need to learn to use your treasures. To become a master of all treasures means to use the treasures at the right time.‘ 

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