Be an easy yogi

Baba says, ‘An easy yogi is the one who makes effort in an entertaining way instead of stubbornness or labor.’

Every child is a yogi, every child has a stage of spirituality that is visible on the face but some children, Baba says, have this stage naturally and easily while others are stable in this stage through the practice of the spiritual stage. In other words, one were easy yogis and the other were yogis who had to make effort. There is a difference, Baba points out, in the sparkle of the two. One have natural beauty while the other have beauty through effort, just like people apply make-up to look beautiful. The sparkle of natural beauty is always constant while the sparkle of the other beauty is sometimes very good but other time only good to a certain percentage; it isn’t always the same, not always stable.

The stage of constantly being an easy and natural yogi is what enables me to become a number one self-sovereign. And the basis of this stage is the dharna of: Mine is the One Father and none other. When the Father alone is my entire world, and there is no one else, then I naturally and easily have a constant yogi stage; I wouldn’t need to make effort. It is when there is anyone else that I have to then make effort to stop my intellect from going there and pull it back to the Father. But when mine is just the one Father, then there is nowhere else for the intellect to go and therefore, there is no battle or effort to pull it back. This is the difference, explains Baba. One is the natural practice of being an easy yogi while the other is practice through effort.

When someone sees the face of an easy yogi, Baba points out, they experience that soul to be an embodiment of elevated attainment and easiness. Just as when someone is from a royal family, you can tell from their face that they are royalty. In the same way, the intoxication and sparkle of this elevated attainment, this elevated ownership of the inner kingdom, that is, the attainment of an elevated stage is visible on my face when I am an easy and natural yogi. ‘The faces of the self-sovereign children should always be visible like this’, says Baba. Signs of effort must not be visible; signs of attainment must be visible. It shouldn’t be that someone looks at me and rather than see attainment, they think: ‘sure, the reward is high on this path but so is the renunciation’ or say: ‘this person is making very good effort.’ Baba says, ‘when someone sees your face, they should see your fortune, not your effort or renunciation.’

You are the children of the Father who is the treasure-store of attainments. You also have the blessed time of the confluence age on your side.‘, Baba reminds me. So then how can I still be battling and thinking: ‘how can I have constant yoga?, how can I experience the treasures?’ These questions indicate effort, not ease, He points out. ‘Don’t waste time in making this effort even now’, says Baba, ‘but easily experience the fortune of being an embodiment of attainment.’ The blessing I have received from BapDada is ‘May you be full of all attainments’, not, ‘May you always be an effort-maker’. Blessed souls who have received this blessing, Baba says, cannot be caught up in battling. If I waste my time battling, then, He says, I will be battling in my final moments too.

‘I am moving along, I am making effort, it will happen, I will get there’, don’t keep this kind of aim, teaches Baba. This is a weak aim that will get me into the moon dynasty. When asked, everyone wants to become Lakshmi and Narayan, so then, says Baba, let your aim and qualifications be accordingly. If not now, then never. If I am going to become something, it has to be now. If I am going to attain something, it has to be now. Only with such zeal and enthusiasm will I reach my destination of being complete on time. Similarly, to think thoughts such as: ‘I should receive some help; if this happens, then I will reach my destination’ is weak. I am already receiving help from God Himself, everything that I need for my journey is already happening. This, is known as being a self-sovereign, a master of the self.

Since there is only the one Father, since there is no one else, where else would my intellect go? Since there is attainment upon attainment, why would it take effort? ‘So‘, says Baba, ‘take the benefit of the time of attainment. Become an embodiment of all attainments. Become kings, not subjects.’

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