The spiritual pilgrimage

Baba says, ‘This is a spiritual pilgrimage. No one, apart from the Father, can inspire you to do this.’

The Father is also called the Guide and He teaches me the pilgrimage to become pure. I am therefore, a wonderful, spiritual pilgrim. People of the world don’t know this spiritual pilgrimage. We, Brahmins, are especially taught this pilgrimage by the spiritual Father. Human beings have been going on physical pilgrimages for birth after birth. Some even go on a pilgrimage two or four times in one birth. That, Baba explains, is the pilgrimage of living beings, whereas this is the pilgrimage of souls.

What is the destination of my pilgrimage? The sweet silence home, Paramdham. This is the home of the Father and all of us souls. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence of the old and new cycle and tells souls: ‘It’s time to return home and then you will come into the new world in the new cycle.‘ My home is the land of purity; hence, I cannot return there as I am right now. I have to become pure first. The Father’s order therefore is: ‘Remember Me so that your sins can be absolved and you will continue to move forward.‘ While people go through all kinds of difficulty to go on those pilgrimages, here, I take this spiritual pilgrimage while sitting right at home! Despite the difficulty they go through, their sins are not absolved, and they continue to commit new sins. Here, all my sins of this birth and all previous births are absolved and my sanskars change such that I no longer commit new sins. This is why, I don’t come back to the old world of sin after taking this pilgrimage; it’s a one way trip to the land of liberation.

On those other pilgrimages, they go to Haridwar or Amarnath, for example, to be purified from sin or liberated from sorrow. They believe the purification or liberation happens at the destination. Here, my purification and liberation has to happen during the journey, not at the destination. Only the one Father purifies and liberates. He has come especially for me and is holding my hands. He holds my hands and takes me across the ocean of poison. ‘Now‘, He says, ‘remember Shiv Baba and the home. You should remember internally that you are returning home.‘ On this pilgrimage, I don’t have to shout or chant anything, I don’t have to hold a physical fast or any such thing. ‘I give you no difficulty‘, says the Father. I don’t have to say anything through your lips; it’s simply an internal remembrance. I don’t even have to sit down in one place continuously to remember. This is not hatha yoga or even meditation, explains Baba, this is a child remembering its Father with a lot of love. ‘So by all means‘, He says, ‘go about your business, but just let your intellect have remembrance.

It is Baba’s task to take me home, He shows me the path. The Father will not let go of me until He has made me worthy to return home. But He will not take me to the land of happiness. His only enables me to reach home. To go to the land of happiness, I have to make effort; the quality of that effort will determine when I come into the land of happiness and how much of it I experience. The entire knowledge of the cycle has to remain in my intellect because then, I will remain aware of the present time – this play is coming to an end and it is now time to return home. I now need to become pure so that I can return home and come at the very beginning of the cycle in the golden age. The more I spin the discus of self-realization, the more my mercury of happiness will rise- it will only be a few more days in this old world of sorrow before I return home. ‘You have to remember Baba and the land of peace and land of happiness.’, He teaches, ‘this is being manmanabhav and madhyajibhav.’

There is a song: ‘We went around searching for You in all four directions but still remained distant all the time…’ That means, we remained distant from the Father. But now, the Father Himself has come and found me; He has made me belong to Him practically. He is sustaining me, teaching me and guiding me on to the right path, the path back home. Always remember, He explains, ‘I am on the pilgrimage of remembrance. I don’t want to return to this land of death. I want to return home, to the land of peace and then come into the new world, the land of happiness.’

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