Become an immortal image

Baba says, ‘be an immortal image seated on an immortal throne and finish all body consciousness by remaining stable in your self-respect.

The Father is the Image of Immortality. I, the child, have a crown, throne, and tilak. I am seated on the throne of immortality, wearing the crown of world benefit and have a tilak sparkling in the center of the forehead. When I stabilize myself in this stage of being an elevated soul, an immortal image, seated on the throne of immortality, then this stage is so elevated. It is a stage that makes my face into that of an angel. An angel means one who has finished all body consciousness. An angel means unshakeable light, detached from the body and bodily relations, light. Simply by stabilizing myself in this self-respect of being an angel, Baba says, body consciousness will automatically finish.

But often the case is that I make a lot of effort to let go of body consciousness. I let go of one form of body consciousness and another one emerges. I let go of the second form and a third form emerges. ‘The thing is‘, Baba explains, ‘it is always hard to let go of something but easy to imbibe another form.’ In other words, rather than try to let go of one or another form of body consciousness, if I simply stabilize myself in my stage of self-respect, then where there is self-respect, there cannot be any body consciousness. ‘Don’t make any effort to let go‘, teaches Baba, ‘rather, pay attention to stabilizing yourself in your self-respect.

In this most auspicious confluence age, I become the direct child of God, practically. Everyone of His praise becomes my self-respect and this list is long! Throughout the cycle, no king or famous soul would have so many titles of self-respect as I do. BapDada reminds me of my self-respect each morning and stabilizes me in it. ‘Daily‘, He says, ‘keep a new point of self-respect in your awareness.’ When I do this, then in front of self-respect, body consciousness will run away like darkness is dispelled in front of light. It neither takes time nor effort. ‘So‘, says Baba, ‘rather than repeatedly make effort to finish body consciousness, simply turn on the switch of self-respect.‘ Then, no matter how much a dark cloud may hide the light of the sun, I have an automatic direct connection of light with the Supreme. When I turn on the switch of consciousness with a direct line, there will be so much light that, not only am I in light, but I also become a lighthouse for others.

The key is to remember to turn on the switch. In fact, says Baba, even if I remember the stage of self-respect of being an almighty authority, then there is no question of effort at all. The path is not difficult but I make it difficult for myself. Rather than go on the highway, its as if I choose to get lost in the alleyways. Sometimes, I even go past my destination and then I have to make the effort to return. BapDada says, ‘I seat you on My lap of love and co-operation but you come out of the lap and allow yourself to be pulled by other attractions and go on a tour elsewhere.’ I then get tired and experience having to labor. So finish this hard work, says Baba, and merge yourself in love. When I perform every task while being absorbed in love, then there is no labor because the mind and intellect are not pulled in other directions.

At this time in the drama, Baba offers Himself to me in all relationships. When I am merged in love, I experience having His company and His companionship in service at every moment. So then because there is no pull toward the body, that is, because there is no body consciousness, nothing is experienced to be difficult, I feel light. So always keep this direct line with God on, He says, and you will become immortal images seated on the immortal thrones. I become angelic.

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