Become an unlimited renunciate

Baba says, ‘Once you belong to the Father, your intellects are finished; they have died. Scarcely anyone is able to have this unlimited renunciation. Only they are the ones who can become beads of the rosary.’

Everyone wants to become a bead in the rosary of victory but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to be that. The basis to become a bead of the rosary is: renunciation, tapasya and service, in that order. If there are these three, then, Baba says, there is no question whether I will become a bead in the rosary or not; its a given.

When it comes to the first step, that is, renunciation, the soul only becomes a Brahmin if there is renunciation but then like everything else, this too is numberwise. All do say that body, mind and wealth have to be renounced but then not everyone renounces to the same extent. In fact, says Baba, there is no such thing as a percentage or degree of renunciation. I’m either a renunciate or I’m not.

The meaning of the word renunciation is that if an object or something has been left, I have stepped away from the consciousness of ‘mine’, and my right to that has finished. If I have renounced it in favor of someone, that object now belongs to them. If a pledge has been given to renounce something, it cannot then be taken back.

The renunciation of just one thing, Baba explains, easily and naturally enables me to renounce everything else. That one renunciation is that of the consciousness of the body, the consciousness of of the limited ‘I’ and ‘mine’. This consciousness of the limited ‘I’ stops me from doing tapasya and service. When I think of myself as ‘I am such-and-such title, position, status’ then that brings along with it certain expectations and demands. If these are not met, then I feel disrespected and hurt; in other words, I come to a standstill in my journey. Similarly, to think that someone or something belongs to me: ‘my husband, child’ or ‘my home, job, car’ etc. also puts limitations on my progress. If something were to happen to one of the people, then I take immense sorrow, there is grief and despair. If I lose the home or the job, I feel helpless: ‘what will I do now?’ The attachment makes me subservient to the thing I am attached to.

When this ‘I and mine’ have ended, then what remains is: ‘I am a pure soul and mine is the one Father and none other.’ And where I have the unlimited Father, the Almighty Authority, with me, success is guaranteed for me. With this one renunciation of the limited ‘I and mine’, tapasya is automatically achieved because tapasya is nothing but: I belong to the One; I only follow the elevated directions of the One. When this becomes my new consciousness, my stage that used to be in upheaval becomes constant and stable.

Sometimes I tell Baba: ‘Baba, please use me in Your service.’ but then when He tells me: ‘Okay, leave the job you are doing right now and move to that small town to help at the center there’, I feel pangs of attachment: ‘But this is such a nice city…that is a small town…I won’t get this and that there…’, ‘But all my family and friends are here…I know no one there…’, ‘but, I am so close to that promotion that I worked so hard for…’, ‘but I will never find such a great job in that town, what will I do there….’. Some children give up right at this point. Some others take the leap of faith and make the move but then once they are there and things don’t always go so smooth, there are the thoughts: ‘I knew this would happen…just my fortune that I had to move to the middle of nowhere…’, ‘what am I doing here…everyone else seems to be enjoying life and here I am in this tiny town where no one knows me…’, ‘why Baba, why!’. I receive that call from a friend or a relative, they tell me all about what they’ve been doing and I feel left out from ‘the good life’.

Baba says, ‘When you stay in Baba’s lap here, it means you have died. So your intellects yoga should not go anywhere else. Sannyasis leave their homes and families which means that they have died. If they continued to remember them, how would they be able to stay in yoga?‘ I am an unlimited sannyasi, a true renunciate. I don’t move away from the world physically to renounce; I stay in the midst of the world, interact with everyone but renounce attachment with my mind and intellect. There isn’t that pull toward anyone or anything other than Baba. He is the only one seated on my heart-throne. The song in my heart is: ‘Having found You, I have attained everything. Not just the earth, but even the sky belongs to me.’ I become a tapaswi who is lost in the love of the One. When this is my stage, I cannot stay without doing service.

Those who are embodiments of renunciation and taspasya are true servers’, says Baba. When I have the slightest consciousness of the body, ‘I did this’, ‘I am like this’, I become a server in name only, not a true server. Its as if I simply transferred the body conscious sanskars from my old worldly life into Brahmin life. In the world, I am taught to ‘promote’ the self- tell everyone about my talents, my skills, my accomplishments, my IQ- essentially prove to everyone how good, smart, talented I am so that I can earn their respect. I am taught to ‘care’ for the self – focus on how I feel, what I want, what I think. Baba teaches me to forget the self and think about the world. Living selfishly, wanting and needing is not the innate quality of the soul. I am a child of the Bestower, my intrinsic quality is to keep giving. The more I give, the happier and content I feel. As a result, the more I am able to give to others. Its a virtuous cycle.

Such true renunciates, tapaswi servers are constant embodiments of success‘, says Baba. Victory and success becomes the garland around their neck. They become those who have this as a birthright, they become beads of the rosary of victory. Therefore, BapDada says: ‘Become a renunciate, become a tapaswi and become a real server.’

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