Krishna didn’t speak the Gita

Baba says, ‘Krishna didn’t speak the Gita. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, spoke the Gita. Everything depends on this.’ 

Everyone says God is One. If that is true then, all souls in the whole world are brothers, children of the one Father. Children ought to have some resemblance to their father and with most of the world looking nothing like Krishna, how can he be God, our Father? For that matter, how can any human-being be considered God? Surely, God must be incorporeal.

He is a point of light, just like I am. He is my Father and so we look alike. His name is Shiva. This name does not belong to any religion, it simply means Benefactor. God comes and changes hell into heaven, He brings so much benefit. His name is thus based on His activity. 

No human-being can be called God because all human-beings have to go through the cycle of birth and death. Only God remains beyond this cycle; He therefore never becomes impure. Human-beings having taken birth after birth, forget who they are- that they are souls- and start to identify as the body. As a result of this wrong consciousness, they come under the influence of the vices and become impure. This is why it is said: a pure soul and an impure soul. It is never said: an impure Supreme Soul or impure God.

Krishna is clearly a human-being and so he goes through this cycle of birth and death. He comes at the very beginning of the cycle, when the world is new, as the first prince of the new world. He takes a total of 84 births and passes through the stages of sato, rajo, tamo and in his last birth becomes Dada Lekhraj. God enters the body of Dada Lekhraj, that is, the body of the Krishna soul when he is in his last birth, to teach souls Raja Yoga, that is, to remind them of who they are and make them pure once again. He names the soul, Brahma.

This is why Krishna is called Shyam-Sundar. He who was once the most beautiful (Sundar), first prince of the heavenly new world, then becomes ugly (Shyam) due to the influence of the vices. As Brahma, he studies Raja Yoga from God and becomes Sundar once again.

So clearly Krishna is not the one who spoke the Gita, God Shiva is. The knowledge He gives souls about who they are, about Himself, and about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle is the true Gita. Gita, literally means, the song sung by God. He relates this true knowledge to souls at the end of every cycle to prepare them for the new cycle that is to begin. In other words, He comes at the great confluence of the cycles to change degraded human-beings into elevated deities once again.

Krishna doesn’t relate the Gita, He studies the Gita, becomes the embodiment of these teachings and claims sovereignty of the new world. He is therefore the creation of God, the Creator.

Because God Shiv purifies impure souls through the knowledge of the Gita, He is also called the Purifier. People incorrectly say: ‘Patit-Pavan Sita Ram (The Purifier is the Rama who belongs to Sita.)’ But Purifier doesn’t refer to King Rama who came during the silver age; it refers to God. Only God purifies all souls, the nature and the elements and changes the whole world into heaven. This is his great mercy. He says: ‘Only I have taken this contract to purify the whole world, no human-being can do this task.’

At this time, all souls are Sitas who are being held captive by Ravan who represents the five vices. All souls are now in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow waiting for Rama to liberate them and take them back home. So surely, Rama cannot refer to King Rama, it refers to God.

Something else people forget when they refer to Krishna as the God of the Gita is that Krishna is a small child! He is the first prince of heaven! When he grows up, is wedded and sits on the world throne, his name is changed to Narayan. But no one refers to Narayan as the God of the Gita, they call Krishna that! but how could a little child relate this knowledge?

Besides, what would be the need for Krishna to relate the Gita in heaven anyway? there, all is fine and well! No one there needs this knowledge. Everyone is naturally soul conscious, they don’t need to be reminded that they are souls. Then some say that Krishna related this knowledge in the copper age. Well if that’s true then, having received this knowledge, souls should have become pure and the world should have changed for the better. But clearly, the world has only gotten worse, has descended into the iron age and souls are even more impure.

And so Krishna is not God and he didn’t relate the Gita; he did however become a perfect embodiment of the teachings of the Gita related by God, the Father. This is why their praise is different. God Shiv is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Creator, the Supreme Teacher, the Liberator, the Guide whereas the praise of Sri Krishna is that he was full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely righteous and non-violent. It is the one Father who made him that way.

But the story of the cycle is not about just one soul. I too am a child of the same Father; Shiv Baba comes and adopts souls through Brahma; they become Brahmins. In that sense, Shiv Baba is my Father and Brahma is my Mother. Brahma is also my alokik father. I therefore have not one but two fathers! This is a wonderful family and wonderful knowledge! By imbibing this knowledge like Father Brahma did, I too can claim world sovereignty. And so Shiv Baba says, ‘follow Father Brahma.’

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