Have pure greed

Baba says, ‘Worldly children are greedy for their father’s property. Here, you receive the imperishable inheritance from the eternal Father.’

The world is full of greed because the whole world is body conscious. Body consciousness makes me selfish, gets me caught up in the limited ‘I and mine’; I can’t seem to be enough things nor have enough things to call mine. At a macro level, countries go to war because of greed – greed for oil, greed for land, greed for power, greed for respect. Greed is desire and when it exists in an extreme form, people don’t hesitate to kill each other. Even at a micro level, brother fights brother, children grow up and don’t hesitate to kill the parents who raised them, for property. Baba says, ‘Maya/Ravan are so powerful. They make people perform such acts, don’t even ask!’

But I too am greedy, points out Baba; in fact, He says, I am the greediest! I want to be the master of the whole world! No one can have a bigger greed than this! But, says Baba, this is a pure greed. My desire is for Bharat to be the kingdom of Rama, where there is one Government, one nation, where there is unity and a single path that everyone follows. I want Bharat to be the land of truth, peace and happiness. In other words, I want Bharat to be the land of deities; I want to be a deity and not just any deity, but I want to be the emperor/empress of that new world, that new kingdom. I want to be Lakshmi-Narayan. Through this pure greed, the whole of Bharat becomes pure.

Every one of Baba’s children is an heir to this inheritance, but not everyone inherits equally. The worthy children, Baba says, are those who will inherit fully, that is, become world sovereigns. In the world, out of greed, some say: ‘Let my father die so that I can receive his property.’ Here, Shiv Baba, my eternal Father, doesn’t have a body; He is beyond death, He is imperishable. Here, in order to claim the whole of my Father’s property, I have to do the opposite of what the world does; I have to remember Him with a lot of love.

I will remember with love when I have faith that this is indeed my Father. It is sung: ‘Those whose intellects have faith will be victorious and those whose intellects have doubts are led to destruction.’ There are many, Baba says, who come, become amazed by the knowledge and then run away. Such children, He says, will not only lose their status but they will also experience a lot of regret and repentance. ‘This is my long lost and now found Father, He is the only one Who can make me pure from impure, a deity from a degraded human being, there is no one else‘ – there has to be this faith. Once I have this faith, then that’s it! I will easily and lovingly follow the Father’s directions. ‘While following the directions of Shri Shri, you have to stay in complete yoga’, says Baba. I need the directions of Shri Shri (the most elevated) in order to become Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. I receive this title, I receive my fortune of the kingdom.

In the golden and silver ages, I will have not one but two crowns – that of purity and that of jewels. I will have these crowns only when I am an emperor or empress, not if I become a subject. There will be many who become subjects, says Baba, but it takes pure greed matched with elevated effort to become an emperor. I now have the knowledge of who I am and of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. ‘So now, make effort‘, says Baba, ‘to once again become double-crowned. Then, you will experience unlimited happiness, health, and wealth.‘ I need to have this pure greed. Then, from the copper age onwards, memorials will begin to be built in my name. This is how elevated my effort is now!

Sometimes, while moving along, I become tired or overwhelmed and think: ‘If it’s in my fortune, I will make effort.” No!, says Baba, this is carelessness. ‘Effort comes first for everything. No one can just sit down and wait for things to happen. You have to make determined effort to claim the highest status of all.’ If I make this effort now, then I will continue to make this effort in the same way cycle after cycle. The key is to stay close to the Father, to remember Him with a lot of love. That love will overrule any and all doubts, feelings of tiredness and anything else that Maya tries to bring my way. This is why the Father’s #1 shrimat or order is: ‘Constantly remember Me alone and also remember your inheritance. Even if there is a conflict, don’t forget the Father. Your boat will sink when you forget the Father.‘ When I remember the Father, I will automatically remember the inheritance.

In the world too, children can never have doubts about their parents, it is impossible. In fact, being a child implies unconditional trust and faith in the parents. Here too, my intellect should have constant remembrance of Baba. ‘Never have impure greed or impure arrogance’, teaches Baba. ‘Always only have this pure greed to claim your unlimited inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. You also need to have pure attachment; total attachment to the one Father. You have to die alive. That’s all! ‘I belong to the one Father. I will claim my inheritance from the Father alone, no matter what happens.’you have to promise yourself this.‘ Let me realize and make this firm in my bones: I only have unlimited attainment here, there is no attainment anywhere else. I should have no doubt about this. I may have doubts about other things but there should be no doubt that this is my Father. This is why, the first question I have to ask myself is: what is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? Only when I have this deep faith will I be able to make the effort to claim the full inheritance from the Father.

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