Remain merged in love

Baba says, ‘love is yoga and to be merged in love is to have full knowledge.’

Love is a very great power. God’s love is the greatest power there is because it is the only love, at this time, that is 100% pure, selfless, unconditional, soul-conscious love. The power of this love makes labor disappear and everything becomes easy. Work becomes a form of entertainment, feels like a game. The power of this love makes me forget the body and the bodily world in a second. I can forget whatever I want and merge in that which I want to remember. The power of this unconditional love easily makes me surrender to the Father. It makes me equal to the Father. His love constantly gives me the experience of His company at every moment. It makes me experience the canopy of protection of the Father’s hand of blessing over myself. God’s love makes the impossible possible so easily that it is as though the task has already been accomplished. His love frees me from worry at every moment, for all time. No matter what I’m facing or doing, God’s love gives me the experience of a stage of guaranteed victory in every action.

Is this the experience you have of God’s love?’, asks Baba.

To experience this love at this time is my birthright. I have now died alive and taken a new birth with God; He is my Father, practically. This is the unbelievable fortune of the confluence age. I am always God’s child but I become that practically, only now. Because it is only now, in the entire cycle, that the Father comes to this physical plane and adopts souls as His children and sustains them practically. He becomes not just my Father but also my Teacher and Satguru- all in one! For half a cycle, I stumbled around from one teacher to another, from one guru to another, from one father to another but now, there is no more stumbling. The true, eternal Father is here and He Himself is also the Teacher and Satguru. He loves, sustains, teaches and guides at every step. Such is my great fortune that I find all that I need and want in One.

The scriptures talk about one Sita and one Draupadi but it is not so, says Baba. ‘All you souls are Sitas and Draupadis and BapDada knows that you have become tired due to laboring in many ways for many births‘, He says. ‘Because you souls have been tied in many different bondages, you have continued to labor.‘ The Father comes at this time to break away all the bondages and show me the path to liberation-in-life. You were orphans all this time having forgotten who you are and the Father. Now, the Father comes and shows me the right path, the path to freedom. There is no fighting in the golden age, He reminds me. There is no weeping or wailing there. That is why they relate the story of the king who conquered attachment (Mohjeet)- it is a memorial of this time.

As human-beings, we have a tendency to attach ourselves to another person or thing. But I am able to be free from attachment now because I simply transfer my attachment from people and things, to the one Father. I make Him my whole world. As a blessing from the Father, I receive the power of His love, which is the only alchemy that heals the heart that was broken into many pieces- between people, accomplishments, possessions etc.- and makes it whole again. In fact, it was the experience of His love that sustained me when I took birth; as soon as I took birth, that is, as soon as I recognized the Father and said ‘My Baba’ from my heart, His love gave me a new life. I didn’t have to labor- prove myself, earn or impress or win His love. I just received it as my birthright. I became lost in love. ‘Constantly keep this blessing of this love in your awareness’, He says. Any time, there is a situation or circumstance, I can transform it with this blessing.

No matter how big the situation may be, through God’s love, even a mountain can be transformed and made to be as light as water. His love changes stone into water. No matter how fearsome a form Maya comes in to oppose me, ‘simply merge in the Ocean of Love and Maya’s power to oppose will be finished in a second‘, guarantees Baba. It’s like what a little child would do when faced with a situation- they become merged in the lap of their mother and father. ‘In the same way, become merged in the lap of the Father in a second and you will be saved from laboring‘, says Baba. ‘Not only can Maya not come under God’s canopy but not even the shadow of Maya can touch you from a distance‘, He explains. So to be a child means to protect myself from Maya. To become a child means to be merged in love.

My power of remaining merged will not just work like a magic mantra but it will become the Shiv-mantra, says Baba. ‘Merge yourself in the love of Shiva, don’t just take a dip and come out again‘, He says. To have remembrance for a little while, saying: ‘Sweet Baba, beloved Baba’, means that I just take a dip and come out again, and so Maya lies in waiting to catch me. But when I merge in love, I become distant from Maya’s vision. ‘Even if you don’t understand the knowledge all that well, simply remain absorbed in the blessing of God’s love‘, teaches Baba.

Love is easy yoga‘, He points out, ‘to be able to remain constantly absorbed in love is complete knowledge.‘ The more I merge myself in God’s love, the more uninterested I become in the old world. I forget the body and the expansion of the body in a second. I return to the essence of who I am and Whose I am. This is the aim of this study and God’s love enables me to achieve my aim. Indeed, the expansion of body consciousness is vast and it all needs to be sacrificed. It takes power to sacrifice my dependencies, expectations, preferences of/for people and things. It takes power to treat everyone with love, no matter how they behave. It takes power to not hold a grudge against the one who betrayed my trust. It takes power to forgive and even more power to then wish them well. It takes power to resist the urge to compare and compete, to ‘prove’ and ‘win’. In other words, its takes power to follow the elevated directions of God and that power only comes from experiencing His love. Then, surrender is easy. Otherwise, it feels like labor, too hard if not impossible.

This is an unlimited sacrificial fire.’, He points out. ‘The whole of the old world will be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire. There will be no more sacrificial fires after this sacrificial fire. Sacrificial fires are created to remove obstacles. This is a very big obstacle and so a very big sacrificial fire is needed for it. All the materials of the old world are to be sacrificed into it whatever they are.’, He explains. Indeed, Ravan, that is the five vices and their progeny, is a very big obstacle and the root of Ravan is body consciousness. It is this wrong awareness of who I am that causes me to fall prey to the vices half way through the cycle. God comes and turns on the switch of the right consciousness- ‘You are a soul, not the body‘, this one thought changes me from a shell into a diamond.

I can understand this contrast between body and soul consciousness and receive the power of God’s love to become soul conscious only at this confluence age. ‘So‘, says Baba, ‘realize the importance of the age and have the different experiences of God’s love at this time.‘ The Ocean of Love is giving me platefuls of pearls and diamonds of love. ‘So constantly make yourself overflowing‘, He says. ‘Don’t become happy with just a little experience, become full. In the future, you will be decorated with physical pearls and diamonds. The pearls and diamonds of God’s love are unattainable then, so constantly remain decorated with them now.

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