Remove your heart from this hell

Baba says, ‘remove your hearts from this hell. You are earning a lot of income while sitting here.’

This world drama of 5000 years is now coming to an end, Baba reminds me. This is the most auspicious confluence of the current cycle that is ending and the new cycle that is about to begin. And so I see both the old world as well as the signs of the new world that is being established. The old world is impure and degraded, so much so that it wouldn’t be wrong to refer to the world as the extreme depths of hell. God Himself comes at this confluence age to make me aware of who I am and of the time: ‘We now have to return home’, He tells me, ‘and this is why you have to consider yourself to be a soul. The Father has come to take you back.’

Given this reality, the question becomes: why would I still insist on remaining attached to the old world? It’s on its way out. So wouldn’t the sensible thing to do be to connect my intellect with the home and with the One who is taking me there? Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to connect my intellect with the new world that is being established and with the One who is establishing it? Not just that but I’ve also been told that the new world will not look, feel and be anything like this old world. It will be completely new- it will once again be one kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the one deity religion, one language and 100% purity, peace and prosperity. The Father is now establishing that one kingdom. That is the aim and objective. 100% purity, peace, happiness and prosperity are now being established.

And I, am the one helping God establish it by following His shrimat or the elevated directions. ‘You are very good craftsmen’, Baba says. I construct heaven for myself and I do it by simply staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Half way through the cycle, I forgot who I am and as a result fell prey to Ravan, the five vices. Now, the Father reminds me and so it is my duty to remember and reclaim the kingdom that I lost. He teaches me Raja yoga, the yoga through which I once again become the sovereign- of the self first and then of the world. In no other school do I study for a kingdom. ‘You should have so much intoxication!’, says Baba. In the world, people sacrifice so much for an education worth a few pennies. And no matter how much I study with that teacher, how much I earn depends on my fortune. If while studying someone dies, all that studying will be finished. Here, no matter how much or how little I study, none of it goes to waste. Yes, if I don’t follow shrimat, perform wrong actions or fall into the gutter of vice, I will lose my status in the kingdom- and not just for this cycle, but for cycle after cycle. And so Baba says, ‘You are studying and becoming beautiful! So, why do you attach your hearts to ugly and impure ones? You mustn’t attach your hearts to this graveyard. You are claiming your inheritance from the Father. To attach your hearts to the old world means to go back to the depths of hell. The Father is here to remove me from hell. So why then would you turn your face towards hell?’.

Even this body is perishable, He reminds me, so I have to remove my attachment from it. To remove my attachment from the body doesn’t mean that I become a sannyasi and do hatha yoga. No!, I simply let go of the consciousness of being a body and consider myself to be the soul that I am. ‘You mustn’t have any attachment to old relationships, you now have to go into new relationships‘, He explains. ‘The old devilish relationship between husband and wife is so dirty. You must now consider yourselves to be souls, then there will no longer be the consciousness of bodies. The attraction between male and female will be removed.‘ In all relationships, the love of the One becomes like saccharine. He is the sweetest Beloved of everyone Whom I had been remembering for half a cycle; He is here now. He comes at His time in the cycle, at this great confluence, to purify souls and take them back home. He comes to once again establish the pure deity religion. On the path of devotion, devotees believe they will meet God one day and so make a lot of effort: sacrificial fires, tapasya, making donations, going on pilgrimages, holding fasts and reading scriptures- ‘all this is just the paraphernalia of bhakti‘, says Baba. ‘No one can attain me through these things. They don’t know Me, the Father. All of them waste their time and energy.‘ I come to know of the Father when He Himself comes and gives His introduction. He has done that now. Why then would I want to attach myself to anyone else?

It is only through the Father that I receive a lot of happiness and constantly. I only receive sorrow from all the rest of my relatives, no matter how good intentioned they may be. That is because, Baba says, everyone at this time is body conscious. This is why the Father says: ‘Remove your intellect’s yoga from your father, uncles etc. and remember Me alone.‘ This doesn’t mean I abandon them, no! I still fulfill my relationships with everyone but my heart only belongs to Baba. I only follow His directions for my life. The Bestower of Salvation for All is only the One. He is my everything. God is the One who protects the devotees. So, surely, there must be difficulty in devotion – that is why they call out: Come and liberate us! Free us from sorrow! Become our Guide and take us to the land of liberation! The Father does come and He says: ‘Renounce poison and drink this nectar of knowledge. You have been so unhappy in the cycle in the kingdom of Ravan for so long because of the vices. Now, consider yourselves to be souls. You have now found Allah (God), the Father, who is putting you the right way up. So, study well from Him. Only the Father sits here and explains this knowledge. Devotion is devotion, knowledge is knowledge. They are completely separate.

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