Become trikaldarshi

Baba says, ‘become trikaldarshi through which you can become kings of kings.’

The deities of the golden age are the king of kings. A king of kings is always victorious because they think, speak and act accurately. They are able to do this because they have imbibed that ability at this time – by being trikaldarshi, the knower of the three aspects of time. In the golden age, I will be ekkaldarshi, that is, I will only know the present but that’s all I need to know at that time. I will automatically think, speak and perform the right actions based on the inculcation at this time. And at this time, in order to be able to think, speak and perform the right actions, I do need to be trikaldarshi and be aware of the past, present and future clearly.

In fact, even in the world, everyone says: Whatever you think, whatever you do, whatever you say, first think and consider every angle and then act. Keep the consequence in front of you before you perform that action. The consequence is the future. “A trikaldarshi intellect is number one“, says Baba, ‘those who have a trikaldarshi intellect will never experience failure in anything.” The means for being trikaldarshi is the blessing of the divine intellect and the special gift of the Brahmin birth. A Brahmin birth means that I am a child of God. When I become the child, I receive the Father’s nature, His intellect- a divine intellect. Only by having a divine intellect can I clearly know the Father, the self and the three aspects of time. It is only with a divine intellect and having remembrance that I am able to imbibe all the powers.

The Father has given this blessing of a divine intellect to all the children, but each one, He points out, uses this blessings numberwise in their practical life. A divine intellect is a broad intellect, an unlimited intellect. When I use this intellect, there is no scope for waste: ‘why should I do this for them? it’s not like they ever do anything for me…’, ‘am I here to die…let them bow down a little, then I will bow down…’, ‘it’s not like anyone else is perfect…so what if I have this one issue…’, ‘why did this happen to me? this is just my karma…’, ‘I am such a failure, I simply can’t seem to get past this sanskar…’ These thoughts are the sign of a limited, narrow intellect that only looks at the present situation, the present conditions and makes judgments and decisions based on that.

Being trikaldarshi gives me faith and the strength to be victorious. And so my time and thoughts are not wasted in worrying, in complaining, in being afraid or in being careless. Together with the questions, the answers come in advance because I am trikaldarshi. “So you should have the sense to be trikaldarshi”, says Baba. I know the past and the future- I am a Brahmin who is becoming an angel, and then a deity. It is a matter of today and tomorrow. The questions end and a full-stop is applied. That is, I become an embodiment of success, a victorious soul, a king of kings.

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