Until you are liberated in life, you can’t be liberated either

Baba says, “until you are liberated-in-life, you cannot be liberated either.”

Only the Father takes everyone into liberation, that is, to the land of nirvana. But before He can take me into liberation, that is, before He can take me home, He purifies me. Purity is freedom– freedom from all bondages of body consciousness, of the five vices. This applies not just to Brahmins but to all souls- everyone has to be made pure before returning home. The difference is that I, as a child, work with the Father, the Purifier, to become pure. He shows me the impurities or the bondages that have been holding me back and gives me the method and power to break away from them. As the bondages break, that is, as my level of purity increases, I become more and more liberated…in life.

Only you Brahmins understand that this is the iron age and everyone is in a life of bondage.”, points out Baba. “Not a single person is liberated in life.” Everyone is bound in the chains of Ravan or the five vices. I too was in a life of bondage but then I came to the Father and He inspires me to make effort to achieve liberation in life. I then takes these sanskars of liberation in life with me into the golden age or the new world. In that world, that is, in the kingdom of Rama, the king, the queen and all the subjects are all liberated in life. Here, in this old world, that is, in the kingdom of Ravan, the king, queen and all the subjects all have a life of bondage. Throughout the whole earth, Baba says, it is the kingdom of those who have a life of bondage. Even the one who was number one in the original eternal deity religion is now in a life of bondage. However, at this auspicious confluence time, he becomes liberated in life.

Only the Supreme Soul, Shiva, sits here and gives knowledge to Brahma, Saraswati and you children, the lucky stars. That is why this is called Godly knowledge.”

I am a lucky star studying Raja Yoga now to prepare for the golden age; I don’t study this education there. In that world, I simply experience the reward of the effort I make now. Through the study of Raja Yoga, God teaches me to become a self-sovereign, a master of the self, of the inner kingdom. To the extent that I can be an able king and rule over the subjects of my inner kingdom- the physical organs and subtle organs (mind, intellect and sanskars), to that extent, I am said to be liberated in life. I am not subservient to ‘how I think’ or ‘how I feel’. I am not influenced by what someone said or did, I don’t come into upheaval as soon as something happens. This is liberation in life. The more soul conscious I become and remember the Father, the more power I have to take back control of my own kingdom from Ravan.

Liberation in life does not mean that everyone will go into the golden and silver ages; no. Liberation in life means to be liberated from the sorrow of Ravan, from the ways of Ravan. No human being can give liberation or liberation in life to another human being. Only the Father takes everyone into liberation because only He knows the way to liberation. At this time in the cycle, He is the only One who is in liberation; He never comes under the influence of Ravan or Maya. In other words, He is the only One not in jail, so He is the only One who can get everyone out. He gives me the key– to not just get out of jail but to reclaim all that I was robbed of! To once again become the master of heaven.

That key is the answer to this riddle: “What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?” It is remembered that King Janak received liberation in life in a second. He received the recognition of the Father. I too have received the recognition of the Father. Do I relate to Him in that way? as His child? The Father asks: “Does it cost you anything to belong to the Father? Baba, I belong to You! That’s all.” The moment I truly, deeply, in my bones, accept God as my Father and make myself belong to Him as His child, I am liberated in life. Chaos and confusion is replaced by peace and clarity, fear is replaced by security, lack is replaced by contentment. There is no more fear or burden; my Father is responsible for me now. This is liberation-in-life. This is what makes me stable and unshakeable in the midst of the storm. “Simply belong to Me; there is no expense in this at all.“, He says.

I go from being an orphan fending for myself to be an heir of God. My Father is the Creator of Heaven and so I receive the sovereignty of heaven as my birthright! He gives it to me through teaching me Raja Yoga- so He also becomes my Teacher. He doesn’t just teach me, He also guides me at every step as to how I apply the knowledge in my practical life- so He also becomes my Guru or Guide. Together- as the Father, Teacher and Guide, He takes me into liberation in life. But now, my brothers and sisters are still stumbling so much on the path of devotion, they are stumbling a great deal on pilgrimages etc. There are even guides and religious people there to make them stumble around. They spend a lot of money but don’t receive anything. I too was there once; then the Father found me. Now, it is my duty to help the Father rescue His other children from jail. “Let them simply say: Yes, He truly is our Father.”, says Baba “and they will receive their inheritance of liberation and liberation in life without spending anything.”

Liberation in life means to receive peace and happiness; this is the salvation I have been seeking for so many births. The Father comes and teaches me a different kind of pilgrimage- the pilgrimage of remembrance.Remember who you are and remember Whom you belong to“, He tells me. My brothers have forgotten this, just like I had. Otherwise, there isn’t any difficulty in a child receiving its inheritance from its Father. All there is to do is belong to the Father and I become worthy of the inheritance. Because they don’t know the Father, they adopt gurus…however, no one who is in bondage themselves can give others liberation in life. Only when it is the end of bondage-in-life and before the beginning of liberation-in-life can the One who gives liberation-in-life come. People have heard of King Janak receiving liberation in life in a second, they know that they can go from the kingdom of Ravan into the kingdom of Rama but how….they don’t know. How does one become pure from impure?, they don’t know.

The Father comes and speaks to His children and gives them spiritual teachings. He doesn’t read from scripture, that is created by human beings. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and He comes and gives me the true knowledge through which I change from ordinary human into deity. “You were that before“, He reminds me, “you were liberated in life. Now remember and become that again.” When I become liberated in life here, He will take me with Him to the land of liberation.

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