Imbibe the knowledge fully to destroy the seed of vices

Baba says, ‘only when the intellects have imbibed knowledge fully is the seed of the vices destroyed.’

Knowledge means understanding. It means the understanding of being trikaldarshi. It means the understanding of truth and falsehood. It means the understanding of doing something according to the time. This is called knowledge. If someone is very sensible but, at the essential time, does something senseless, they would not be called a knowledgeable soul. So its not just about listening to the knowledge and merging it within my intellect, I have to imbibe it, that is, I have to become an embodiment of the knowledge I have received. This is called being a knowledgeable soul. I move along with the understanding at every moment, in every task and in every action. Then, my every thought, word and action will be accurate, will be elevated, and will therefore, bring me and others happiness.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to remember every single point of knowledge- there is so much! But that is expansion. If I were to boil down all that expansion into its essence, then it comes down to just one thing: I am a soul and a child of God. This is my original aim, this is all full knowledge. I have recognized the Father, I have accepted Him, I have experienced Him and I have attained a right. He is ‘My Baba’ and I am His child. The entire knowledge, from the beginning, through the middle to the end, is all merged in this one word ‘Baba’. Why? because Baba is the Seed. The whole tree is merged in the Seed. It is indeed possible to forget the expansion, but it is not difficult to remember the essence- ‘Baba’.

Because He is incorporeal and cannot be seen Him with these eyes, that remembrance doesn’t stay.

It is when the Father is forgotten that sin is committed. Then because I am under the influence of sin, I don’t understand what I am doing and saying. ‘Constantly stay conscious with knowledge’, says Baba, ‘don’t come under the force of any sin.‘ For half a cycle, I was unconscious because I forgot I am a soul and started to think of myself as the body. Then, the Father came and revived me into consciousness with just one realization: ‘You are a soul, not the body’. This one thought changed me from a shell into a diamond. While I had been singing His praise as a devotee all these births, I am now His child, practically. I am the most elevated Brahmin and He is here to make me into a deity, a master of heaven. The entire knowledge that I have been hearing in its expansion for all this time will be put into its essence when I simply remember – who I am, Whose I am and my inheritance.

Don’t forget and get caught up in the wrong ‘I and mine’ of body consciousness”, He cautions. Given I spent the last half the cycle in body consciousness, if I am not paying attention to my awareness, I easily slip back into the unconsciousness. Especially when I’ve spent some time on this path, there is a lot of Maya with the consciousness of ‘mine, mine’ – ‘my ideas’, for example. This is tying myself into bondage. However, since the intellect is not mine, the idea isn’t mine either. I belong to the Father now and so this body, mind and wealth, everything, is His. He has given it to me in trust to use, per His directions. So, nothing is mine other than the Father. Simple.

There is no more complaining about ‘my sanskar’ or ‘my nature’ that gets in the way of progress either. When I became the Father’s child, I inherited His sanskars and nature. I just have to use it in a worthwhile way. “Use your Godly sanskars in a worthwhile way and the sanskars of waste will go away”, He teaches. When I remain in the awareness of who and Whose I am, then I will no longer use the old sanskars, I will use my Godly sanskars. When I forget, then the old sanskars continue to work. “Keep a chart”, says Baba, “of how long you stayed in remembrance.” This method helps me check and course correct throughout the day. “Simply to tell someone to observe the code of conduct and become viceless will not make him or her become viceless.”, says Mama. “In order for them to become viceless, the seed of the five vices first has to be destroyed with the sword of knowledge for only then will the vices be burnt away.”

The more I become the embodiment of the essence, then whatever words I use and deeds I carry out will have the essence within them; without essence means wasteful or sinful. By constantly staying aware, I maintain my intoxication, my zeal and enthusiasm. I stay conscious. “Your original aim is: I, a soul, am a child of that Supreme Soul. Originally, I was karmateet but, by forgetting myself, I came into the bondage of karma. Now, by remembering this again, and by staying in yoga with God, I am having the sins that I had committed absolved. So, my aim is: I, a soul, am a child of God.” 

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