Become Sheetla, the goddess of coolness

Baba says, “Here, your name is ‘goddesses of coolness ‘, Sheetla Devis, the ones who cool everyone down. Only when you become cool here will you be able to become deities.

The power of coolness means the power of soul-conscious love. Love or the power of coolness is able to cool down a soul, no matter what fire he may be burning in, and make that soul worthy of adopting the truth – of who he is, and Whose he is. But first, I need to have the power of coolness and the power of truth myself before I can help others. Often times though, I struggle with this balance. When I see someone, especially another Brahmin soul, do something wrong, I become angry. “That is against shrimat, that is wrong.” Even among Brahmins, if it is an instrument soul that I perceive to be doing wrong, then I can barely tolerate it. Maybe I think the instrument is mistreating students in the class, disrespecting them, or being partial to some ‘special’ students…whatever. My emotions go all over the place: “how can an instrument behave like this?”, “how do they get away with something like this?”, “how come Baba lets them get away with it? why doesn’t He do something?” etc. I justify my anger and frustration by saying: “I can’t tolerate dishonest behavior, it’s wrong to mistreat people.” and that feeling affects my attitude toward the instrument teacher- I start being indifferent, give her the cold shoulder, come to class late, don’t do any service etc.

Indeed, says Baba, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong but don’t let it stay in your heart. When one does wrong and I get angry, I do another wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right.

The power of truth does not mean that I get to feel angry when someone disobeys shrimat, no. The power of truth means that I stay in the truth of who I am – a pure, benevolent deity soul- no matter what happens, no matter what someone is like. That, is truth. When I have this power of truth, then I will also have the power of coolness; when someone is rude or angry or is behaving badly, I will have the power to cool them down by maintaining my good wishes and pure feelings. My coolness will be like water thrown over their fire of anger or wrong behavior. But if I myself get angry and try to prove to others that they are wrong, then because I lack the power of coolness, they will see my trying to prove as a form of stubbornness. This is why I need to understand and remain stable in the power of truth and go into every interaction with the power of coolness.

Just as the shade of a tree is able to co-operate and give a traveler rest and comfort, in the same way, a soul with the power of coolness always gives the rest to other souls with the shade of their coolness. Souls would be attracted and feel: “Even if just for a few minutes, I should go to this soul and in the shade of their coolness, take the happiness and bliss of that coolness.” Now on the one side, Baba explains, there will be the fire of destruction, on the second side, there will be the fire of vices, on the third side, the fire of attachment to the body, bodily relations and physical possessions and on the fourth side, the fire of repentance. On all four sides, there will be nothing but fire. In fact, I already see this today- people fighting, even killing each other due to greed, or anger. People betraying each other due to lust, people compromising on and losing their honor and dignity due to their attachment to name, fame and status, due to their attachment to certain people and things. People who are living lives of regret and guilt over mistakes they made in the past. Everyone is burning in at least one fire, if not multiple. They are crying out in various ways for the support of a little coolness. They are saying: “Sprinkle us with even a few drops of coolness.” At this time, as a child of God, it is my duty to be Sheetla, the goddess of coolness. That means, I should have accumulated so much power of coolness within myself that I am not affected by the heat of the fires everywhere. I have to be the Sheetla that extinguishes these fires everywhere and gives coolness. If I have even a little trace of any of the fires, then that little spark will become a fire and everyone will burn in it. So check this, teaches Baba.

The way to be saved from any trace of the fire of destruction is the power of fearlessness. Fearlessness will not bring me into upheaval, and I will give souls who are afraid of the flames of destruction, the power of coolness. With the support of this power, they too while seeing destruction will also see scenes of establishment. In the same way, the method to save myself from the slightest trace of the fire of vices is to remember my original and eternal clan– I am a completely satopradhan soul belonging to the clan of God. I am a deity soul belonging to the deity clan. A deity soul is 16 celestial degrees full and completely viceless. When I remain an embodiment of this awareness, even a trace of the vices will end. Similarly, the way to save myself from the fire of attachment is to make the Father my world. If the Father is my world, everything else will become tasteless. Finally, the fire of repentance- the easy way to end this is to become an embodiment of all attainments, explains Baba. A lack of attainment makes me repent, whereas attainment makes me end repentance. So now, keep every form of attainment in front of you and check that you are not deprived of experiencing any particular type of attainment, He says. “So now check these four things for only then will you become an embodiment of coolness“, explains Baba. “You will become cool yogis or goddesses of coolness who extinguish the heat of others.

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