The power of realization

Baba says, “Be firm in whatever special thought you have and as soon as you have the thought, become the practical form of it and the flag of victory will then be hoisted.”

As a child of the most Beloved Father, I want nothing more than to be what He’d like me to be, that is, I want nothing more than to be like Him. He is so perfect in everything, the Ocean of Virtues; He never gets angry, never gets upset, bitter or even irritated. No matter what soul comes in front of Him, He is always full of love, and respect. He doesn’t get impatient either, no matter how many times I make a mistake, He disciplines me but never ever gives up on me. Wow, how is He the way He is!? I wish I could be just like Him!

I have this pure desire in my heart but there seem to be those few sanskars that are especially hard to overcome. If only I could get past them, I’d be so much more like my Father. Every child of God has received the power of transformation and if that power is used at the right time, there is no effort. The right time is the moment I have the realization of what needs to change. That moment carries the most power and it is what I need to use to my benefit. But often I make the mistake of delaying the transformation- I note down the realization I’ve had in my diary and I tell myself: ‘Yes, I will change this..’, ‘Yes, I will look into this…’ . When I use such language of ‘I will…’, ‘I will look into…’, it is giving my mind and intellect permission to postpone any change. Inadvertently, I go right back to my old pattern and leave the actual transformation to the future.

Baba says, “Be firm in whatever special thought you have and as soon as you have the thought, become the practical form of it and the flag of victory will then be hoisted.” Situations don’t come with advance notice, they come suddenly and so I need to be ever-ready. Part of being ever-ready is that I have practiced over a long period of time and am ready. Long period does not mean many years, it means that in that moment of realization, I have let it sink into my bones and become experienced in that point. I am ready to use it when the situation presents itself again. So always remember ‘suddenly, ever-ready and long period‘, teaches Baba. And almost always, the situation presents itself again pretty soon to test me. Maybe I don’t like someone’s sanskars, it really bothers me. So when I see them from a distance, I ensure I change my direction and go the other way…I don’t even want to come face to face with them! I have had the realization recently that this is pretty petty and that I ought to change it. Pretty soon, I will be in a situation where I will see that person coming toward me. Now, every cell in my body might want to turn away but I have to use the power of realization to transform my sanskar right at that time. If I think: “No, I can’t do this now…it is too much…I will do it next time”, then I lose the power.

Determination is the key to success“, Baba reminds me, “never lose this key, remain firm.” Where there is determination and the faith that I have been victorious many times before, there cannot be defeat, teaches Baba. Sometimes, I not only put things off but I make excuses to justify putting it off: “I would do it but this particular person is just that bad…they need to change first before I can change.” Finish these words, says Baba. My attitude should be: ” I have to show this by changing myself. If I change, others will also change; they will definitely change”. Continue to move along with this faith and good wishes and then see how quickly your kingdom comes.

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