Break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the one Father

Baba says, “In order to do this drill, you have to break your intellects’ yoga away from everyone else. Break away from everyone else and connect yourselves to the one Father.

In the scriptures, it is shown that the Pandavas had loving intellects at the time of the great war, that is, at the time of destruction whereas the kauravas had non-loving intellects at the time of destruction. A loving intellect means that I don’t have even a single thought that opposes shrimat. I have recognized God and so why would I want to follow any one else’s directions? For half a cycle, I stumbled and fell because I had forgotten the Father, Teacher and Satguru and I consequently operated under the guidance of Ravan. Now, the Father has come and reminded me of who I am and given me His own introduction. This is the same Gita episode of the Mahabharat that is playing out right now, He explains.

Whose side am I on? Because that will determine if I emerge victorious or not. Do I have a loving intellect all the time? or do I sometimes become one with a non-loving or divorced intellect?

A loving intellect means I belong to the one Father and none other. I have removed my intellect from everyone else. No one else can claim a right over me, even I no longer claim a right over me, only the one Father can. I have surrendered my will to Him. This is what Arjuna and the other Pandavas did. They took every step based on God’s direction even when it seemed wrong, even when it seemed unfair, even when they didn’t understand. All that mattered was the faith they had- this is God, this is my Friend, this is Karankaravanhaar. So I carry out every task, per His directions, while living in the corporeal world but while being detached from it like a lotus. The love of my intellect is constantly connected with the one Beloved. The words that emerge from my heart and lips are: I eat with You, I sit with You, I speak with You, I listen to You, I fulfill all my relationships with You, I have all attainments from You. When this is truly the case, then I don’t have to say much through my mouth, my face and eyes speak volumes. I experience BapDada to be personally with me all the time and so I cannot turn my face away from Him.

Something that I forget all the time and that Baba reminds me is: “this is your final birth. Death is just ahead of you.” If I always have the awareness that this body can be destroyed at any time, then, by having this time of destruction in my awareness, I will automatically develop a loving intellect. When the time of destruction comes, even those who don’t have knowledge try to remember the Father but because they don’t have His introduction, they are unable to connect their love with Him. If I can always keep this in my awareness that these are the final moments, then, by remembering this I will not remember anyone else.

Everyone says they love the Father, they say ‘Mera Baba’ (My Baba) but it is one thing to have love and another thing to be absorbed in that love and in the experience of the attainments of that love. When I have true love in the heart for the one Father, when I am absorbed in His love, then Maya cannot disturb me; on the contrary, she will be destroyed. However, often the mistake I make is that I try to hold the Father’s hand without taking His company and because of this I continue to be hurt by Maya. To take His hand is to follow Shrimat but I will not have the power to follow if I have not made the Father my world. If my heart is, even for one relationship, still connected to another soul, then too, I will not have enough power to follow shrimat; my intellect will keep getting pulled away and I will be deceived.

Some children, Baba says, connect their love but fulfill it numberwise. Their line changes in terms of fulfilling that responsibility. Those who fulfill the responsibility of love are lost in love. They have completely lost all awareness of their bodies and the relationships of their bodies. You too have to fulfill such a responsibility of love with the Father and you will then not remember your body and bodily relations.

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