Keep your register flawless

Baba says, “People of the world repent for their actions at every step, whereas you children, who are knowledgeable about karma never have to repent for your actions.”

As a child of God, I receive all spiritual powers as my birthright. However, one of the most important powers I need to ensure that my thoughts, words and actions are accurate is the power of discernment. I need to be able to discern what other souls with whom I come into interaction need. Only then will I be able to fulfill that desire. When I need to make a choice, I need the power of discernment. Sometimes, when I make a mistake, again, I need the power of discernment to even be able to realize that it was a mistake. Without this power, I continue to think that what I did was right and so there is no correction.

Right at birth, the Father gifts me a divine intellect that has the ability to discern and decide. The more I use this intellect, the more powerful it becomes. “Check throughout the day“, teaches Baba, “to what extent you used the power of discernment. Was there need for correction or addition?” When there is checking, there is also automatic correction because this is what the divine intellect does. If I am under the influence of some circumstance or situation, under the influence of the company of a soul, or under the influence of the dictates of my own mind due to Maya, I am, at that time, under many external influences. However, once the influences of the time, circumstances, company and dictates become light, a divine intellect does its own work. This is what I refer to as: ‘becoming aware after having strong emotions.’ Then, I feel that I should have done this differently. “Okay, there is no mark in the register or account book of karma, but there is still a spot. It is no longer completely clean. This is why it is said that the philosophy of karma is extremely deep.”, explains Baba.

People in the world who have no knowledge of right vs wrong action, no one to guide them, performs actions that compel them to repent for their every action at every step, while saying: ‘Hai karma, hai karma’ (O, my karma) but as a child of God, the Teacher and Satguru, my actions ought to be elevated, He points out. Of course, my karma mustn’t be negative but they mustn’t be ordinary either, He teaches. Maybe, I pay attention that I don’t cause others sorrow through my actions, but that alone isn’t sufficient, explains Baba. I need to perform elevated actions that give others blessings of peace and happiness. Then, my song, unlike that of the people of the world would be: “Wah! my elevated karma, Wah!”

But when my power to discern is weak, sometimes, I defend wrong actions and show them off as right actions, as elevated actions. This is the sign of the intellect being under external influence. So what is the method that I can use to gain victory over the situation when I am under an external influence? The thing to do, Baba explains, is to turn away from ‘how I feel’ and pay attention to what I am being told by BapDada or by His instruments. At the time when I receive a signal to course-correct, the tendency is to deflect blame and think that the instrument is saying something to me because someone must have filled their ears against me or because they ‘don’t understand’. “You are deceived by such thinking“, explains Baba. By giving importance to the teachings and directions at the time they are given to me by the elevated souls who are instruments, even though they might be wrong or bad, Baba explains, I am not responsible, my sins will not increase. “Let there never be any waste thoughts about souls who have been made instruments”, cautions Baba. My work will be done accurately because the Father is there, He will change that sin. “This is a deep secret, an incognito machinery. Therefore“, He says, “make important use of the elevated directions given by the instrument souls. There is only benefit for you in doing that. This is the Father’s guarantee.

For half a cycle, I lived a self-centered and self-absorbed life. It is time to take myself off my mind. This, Baba explains, is true unlimited disinterest. It doesn’t matter how ‘I think’ or how ‘I feel’- I lived a long time absorbed in ‘I and mine’ and all my actions were driven by that. Now, it is time to become absorbed in the one Father. Mine is the one Father and none other. I surrender my will to Him and take my every step per His instruction whether I agree with it or not, whether I understand it or not, whether I like it or not. I surrender. When I am under an external influence, when I catch myself defending an action or trying to prove something, at that time, if I can get myself off my mind just long enough to simply say ‘Ha ji’, ‘okay Baba’, then, I will only be better for it. It might seem wrong, unfair, even senseless at the time, but I don’t go by what I think or feel, I go by faith in Who is telling me. Then, I will never have to repent for any actions because I will never perform wrong actions. Even if the action does become wrong, I am not responsible because I only followed directions.

This is why you are told that this wonderful play is really unique“, Baba explains. “The Father is responsible. The Father is also responsible for those He has made instruments. He is also responsible for changing your sin. So now by becoming knowledgeable about the deep philosophy of karma, keep your register flawless.

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