A Christmas Tree of Virtues!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmas time. There are bells, icicles, snowmen, polar bears, baubles etc. But as we decorate the tree, Baba is decorating us with virtues, turning us from vicious human beings into vice less deities! Each decoration is precious and once it is imbibed, it is mine forever and unlike the decorations on the treenever has to be taken down!

Come, let us take time this Christmas to check if we have some of these decorations or if we need to go get them – they are available for free!


The first lesson on the path to becoming a peacemaker is to stop being at war with myself. In meditation lots of basketsI can retreat into the inner sanctuary of the soul and enjoy the tranquil flow of loving thoughts passing through my being. Only when the turbulence of my own…

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