Radha and Krishna

The other day, I was wondering why Krishna tends to be remembered more than Radha. Yes, Krishna (or Narayan) was the emperor of the golden aged world! But in my simple mind, I day dreamed about whom I like better and would rather be – Krishna or Radha?

  • Is Krishna who is the most beautiful more alluring or …..is Radha who is his beauty more so?
  • Is Krishna who is the king of the whole world more powerful or….is Radha who is the queen of his heart more so?
  • Is Krishna who is caretaker of the whole kingdom more benevolent or…..is Radha who is his strength and support more so?
  • Is Krishna who receives much praise wherever he goes more powerful or ……is Radha who he cant wait to go back home to despite all the praise outside more so?
  • Is Krishna who is loved by all more loving or……is Radha who is the only one he loves, who is his pride more so?
  • Is Krishna who is the crown prince more powerful or…..is Radha who is his princess and has him wrapped around her little finger more so?

And what about Radha compelled the world’s most beloved one to be in love with her? After all, what was it I wondered, that made the most powerful one helpless before her? Is it the fact that she only saw him – her Lord and no one else? Or the fact that her every thought, word and action was based on what he liked? Was it because her love for him was unconditional, selfless? Or that he was her everything, from whom she did not expect anything at all but simply gave? Because she loved only for love, nothing else? Because in her constant remembrance of him, she no longer existed and only he remained……

So at the end of this little chit chat with myself, I realized that power is really a very relative thing –  it depends on your perspective. So in my naive mind, I concluded that I like Radha more after all because she loves Krishna, her Lord, more than he’ll ever love her.

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