Supreme Soul: An Introduction

Supreme Soul: An Introduction

Who is GOD? He is called many names – The supreme, The Almighty Authority, The Highest on High. He is also the Truth, the Bestower, the epitome of Beauty!

To me though, He is my friend, my companion. He is the one I wake up in the morning with, I talk to about my day, the one I cook for and with, eat with, read with, fight with and go to bed with. He is the one I share my life with. So, I probably don’t see what others see in Him, what they look up to Him for, what they pray to Him for but what I do see are His eyes that are overflowing with pure love, His face that has that warm, beautiful smile that melts the heart and His heart that only beats for the welfare of His children.

So what do I call Him? By His name of course, “Shiva”. It means the Benevolent One. So what makes Him special to me? Where do I start? He is the one that has stood by me through everything and truly been my companion through my journey.

He knew me before I knew Him and He watched over me silently without forcing his introduction on me. While I was off running around temples and trees looking for peace, for love, for Him, He was there watching over me, looking at me, smiling at me. I always knew He was with me but did not know anything more about Him. When I finally was introduced to Him, He told me that He’d been waiting for me the entire cycle. Can you imagine anyone else that can love you so much? Even while He could see me, he couldn’t talk to me like He does now because it wasn’t time yet and so he patiently waited for me to realize Him but He always loved. Even while I continued to look for Him in different forms, as Krishna or Rama or someone else, He didn’t mind but rather gave me strength, love and courage through that form. Who would assume a form that is not His own, that is much lower than His own, come to a land different from His own just so He can be there for someone. Would anyone do that if He didn’t love and care truly and deeply! He’s always made me feel special.

Every time in my life that I felt that I was falling and would hit the ground, He has been there to catch me even before I called out to Him, He has carried me in His arms, wiped off my tears and filled my heart with so much love and courage that my eyes would fill up all over again! When I’m kiddish, He’s  a kid with me, when I’ve wanted to dance, He’s danced with me and have you ever seen  Him dance? It’s magical. When I’ve sung for Him, He’s listened and then sung for me. He has taught me all that I know that’s good and is there to help me get rid of the bad. Do you know what makes Him the best teacher in the world? The fact that He teaches some of the most involved concepts, the very secret of time that scholars have been trying to understand since time immemorial in such a simple way, the fact that He can in the same class teach a high school student and an old woman, the fact that he lays down the rules and is always fair, and that He is supremely vested in every one of His children’s well-being. He is not just my teacher but also my guide, my philosopher.

He is completely vice less. He sees me, the soul, not the body. I know His love is true because He loves me for my inner beauty, for my qualities. He is so pure that He does not see any impurities in me, He sees me in my perfect, vice less form and urges me to see myself in the same way. He can’t wait till I see myself in the way He does- He thinks I am so beautiful if only I could see what He sees!

He does not tire listening to all that each one of His children has to say- the good, the bad, the complaints everything. He loves each one so dearly as only a true Father could. He gives each child the right to His heart, to His throne. He is waiting restlessly to give each one their inheritance. He doesn’t see their flaws, only their virtues. He encourages them to be the best they can be; He cheers them on to the finish line and doesn’t tire from singing their praises. Yes, that’s right…while the whole world sings His praise; He is singing praises of His worthy children.

And what is this inheritance, you ask? Well, it’s only the throne to Heaven itself! Yes, He is architecting the kingdom of Heaven for them. And He is guiding them in building it. Why, can’t He simply make it happen? Why does He need us to build it? Well, yes, He can simply make it happen but then we wouldn’t have earned it now, would we? And unless we earn it, we will not treasure it and enjoy it. That’s a true Father – one who loves and teaches at the same time.

And for all this that He does, I ask Him what He’d like me to do, His children to do. He smiles that smile and says simply, “love me”, “Be with me”, “And Remember Me”. Does a soul like Him need to ask me to love Him? Is it supposed to be hard to fall in love with Him?

Sometimes I just sit with Him, with His arms around me and realize that I am in the embrace of the ocean of love. No wonder I become overcome with love. When I turn and look at Him, I realize that I am looking at the ocean of peace. No wonder I feel calm, light and carefree.  The fact that He only sees the good, the virtues in everyone makes Him the virtuous one, the ocean of virtues. He knows only to give, to love and to bless. He knows only to respond to every call and I don’t even have to say a word for Him to know I need Him. He is selfless and unconditional in his giving as only He can be.

I love Him very much and can’t imagine a life without Him. Thank You for finding me.

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