What does it mean to love GOD?

To have the courage to look in His eyes
To love so much that I forget myself
To not say anything and yet say so much
To surrender my every thought to Him
To not be able to move away from His powerful presence
To not be afraid to lose myself in the ocean of love with the waves embracing me from all sides
To have the courage to give my hand into His and walk beside Him, not behind Him
To be able to travel the universe with Him
To see Him smile when He looks at me
To show Him that I am here to help Him with His task
To never lie to Him; never cheat on Him
To always stay happy and cheerful….coz I have Him
To read with Him, to sit beside Him, to dance with Him, to go to sleep in His arms
To watch Him look at me with amazement and amusement
To be proud that He is so beautiful and lovely
To be mesmerized when He speaks the Elevated Versions
To KNOW that everything He does, He does for me
To KNOW without a doubt that I live in His heart, that I am the twinkle in His eye without even Him saying it in words
To love Him like He loves me……fully, wholly, with every cell, with every thought and every heart beat

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