Am I ready for God?

On our way to Mt. Abu in the car, listening to His songs on my pod.

So I thought it was about making Him fall in love with me. That might still be the case but now its more about me falling in love with Him.  You see, He already loves me madly. He shows me as much in every step, in every action. He loves me because He already sees me in my perfect, pure and original form. So He knows me better than I do myself, He is helping me discover this beauty He is able to see! I can’t wait….

You see everything really depends on this – on me discovering myself. The more I do, the more I see what I am and what I am capable of, the more I will fall in love with myself and want to be with someone like me- Him! Why? Because only He knows me and understands me like I am! But right now since I don’t see myself like He does, I see a gap or a distance between Him and I that prevents me from feeling the right to His love. We are, whether we like it or not, special souls- divine souls that have a direct access to God and His love. The problem is our intellect needs to accept this as reality!

And it really is all about this, isn’t it? It is about being able to experience His love, His beauty, His affection, feel the same level of security, confidence that He feels. Feel the same happiness, peace, contentment that He experiences all the time.

Its what I thought was making Him fall in love with me but the more I think about it, I feel that when I transform into the beautiful being He knows that I am, sees me as, I will be able to see Him more clearly and fall in love with Him. I will then be able to experience all that love He is giving me which, I think I feel only a fraction of now. Its almost like its pouring but I only feel the drizzle now and am thirsty for the downpour. Its no fun to stand by the waterfall when you can stand underneath it. I’m not afraid to get wet, I want to!

So how do I transform myself to get to the point where I can experience this perfection, this love and joy! How do I do it such that it is an easy process and joyful as well? From a point of view of transforming my sanskars, He says Brahma baba was great in his purusharth and by simply following Brahma Baba’s 18 steps, imbibing them and embodying them, you’ll find your destination in short order.

Remember just Him. Yes, follow Brahma Baba but remember only Him. It is the quickest way to fall in love. He only gives- take it and fill yourself up. Remembering Him is the only way for us to remember our true self which was a reflection of Him, become pure and fall in love with ourselves. To the extent that I love my self and respect myself, I will be able to fall in love with God. And wouldn’t you, if you had the option, fall in love with God. He is ready. Am I?

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