Falling in Love with God

To really know Him is to understand the depths of the ocean, measure the circumference of the sky. They say that if all the trees in the forests were to become pens, the Earth paper, it would not suffice to describe Him, His praise. I don’t think I understand just how special it is that He knows me. Not just knows me but is in love with me and belongs to me. He reminds me that it is not just now but that He has been in love with me for birth after birth for the entire cycle. Its just that I only remember this now…

We go through our lives and I certainly did go through mine searching for true love, for loyalty, for that one companion that I could truly rely on. I had many friends that were very nice souls but none that fit my definition of a companion for life. I continued searching for that special someone, for the One – for love…..and I found Him!

He loves me each second, each minute, never lets me step down from His heart and eyes. I am lucky, special to be able to spend every minute of my time with Him- the king of the world. King not because He has a kingdom or palaces or horses. King because of His qualities, His personality, His knowledge, His love. Every word, thought and action of His is deliberate, royal. His love is pure, poignant. His beauty is sheer poetry. His presence so powerful that it is impossible to look elsewhere. His personality inspiring enough to want me to become like Him. I surrender happily!

He is so pure that it is easy for Him to fall in love with me- a flawed, imperfect human being. He gives unconditionally, selflessly. What is hard is for me to love Him back to the same extent. To understand Him is to know Him accurately as He is – a beautiful shining point of light that is smaller than the smallest but yet so limitless in its brightness.

Limitless in His love, in His knowledge, in His power- His task is to transform the earth into heaven, which translates into purifying each soul. And He gets this done not through force but by each soul willingly surrendering themselves to Him because of His love! And after doing all this for the benefit of each of us, He goes ahead and gifts the emperorship of heaven to us as well and walks away. To be able to do what He does, the way He does and then walk away is power, isn’t it?

And yet, He is the most humble, kind and unassuming. He’s the emperor but also the laundryman who picks up dirty, dilapidated souls, cleans them up and makes them into princes and princesses. He is the creator but also the boatman who takes His creation from the shores of darkness into light. Its perhaps these contradictions that makes Him limitless too!

If He is so limitless, then it should be easy enough to find Him, think of Him, stay in His company by constantly remembering Him, His qualities, churning the depths of His mind, His intellect. It should be easy to get to know Him- once you do, you’ll find yourself in love too!

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