Ever Healthy, Wealthy and Happy

While there have been many inspiring souls, there is only one soul I know of that is Ever healthy, wealthy and happy. And He is luckily for us in the business of teaching by example how to become like Him and He charges no fees. So I decided for enroll in His class about a year ago and its been quite a ride.

When you listen to Him teach, His logic is flawless and there is something in his lecture for every soul in a classroom that defines diversity- diverse in gender, age, in background, nationalities, education levels etc. Yet, each and every soul gets it – its as though He has the entire class under a spell. How does He do it? I think it’s a combination of powerful points delivered simply and with love and tact like only He can. He talks about us and the situations we face in our everyday lives and how to deal with them effectively. If you listen carefully, a question you might have had at the beginning of the class that you might have needed help with will get answered.

Sometimes His teachings are like poetry, sometimes like a song, sometimes like a protective embrace, sometimes strict like a mother’s advice but always full of love. He is never biased, has rules that are well published that He expects each student to follow. If someone needs help in a particular area, He is always there to help but He will never bend rules to please anyone for He is only interested in the welfare of His students, His children rather than in being the most popular.

His teachings are also such that they make you thirsty for more, make you think and ponder. They are about me and no one has been able to understand me, appreciate me, describe me better than Him. He makes me, the soul, feel beautiful like no one can. He makes me feel more special than I think I am- He says no, you really are that special, you just don’t see it yet. His belief in me makes me aspire to see myself in a way He does.

That such a soul stays ever healthy, wealthy and happy is no surprise. To be like Him, we first need to understand what it means to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Whether we like it or not, it is in the mind we think and in the mind, we live. Our life, our health is what our thoughts make it. Ordinary or worse, waste thoughts will quickly drain the mind and weaken the soul. It takes time and energy away from things that we ought to be focusing on and makes it hard to get through each day. Not only does this affect our health but also our happiness. Most of us currently find ourselves in this state today where we are both unhealthy and unhappy. To cure ourselves we need to undergo treatment and as we are all only too familiar, treatments will cost us. Fortunately, this is a cost we can all afford, we will be treated by the best surgeon in the whole universe and then the treatment can be self-administered. And when you follow the routine, the results are instant and there are no side effects!

So then what is it going to cost us? It will require us first of all to earn the wealth of the priceless jewels in Baba’s murlis, each more precious than the other. This will already start to show results by filling us with joy and happiness that will appear in the form of a smile on our faces. When we learn that God Himself guarantees our well-being and that He is aware of everything that is going on in our lives, it brings a sense of security, fearlessness, courage and strength. Hence, the happiness! The next step is to churn the ocean of knowledge or the murlis for more jewels and then spend these by giving them to others. It’s funny that with this wealth, spending is the only way to earn more! So you are now wealthy! Additionally, churning positive thoughts, God’s own teachings constantly and going deeper to understand the various layers not just helps us implement it in our lives but keeps the mind occupied, alert and fit. And you are now healthy, filled with energy that shows as a glow on the face!

Try this and a healthy, wealthy and happy life is guaranteed. Is there another surgeon in the world that can claim to provide a permanent cure to any illness? But here we find the only recipe for a healthy, wealthy and happy existence –  a healthy, wealthy and happy mind!

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