What is Surrender?

What really is true surrender? Is it giving up everything I own to the one I am surrendering to? Is it a form of donation or charity?

Surrender to me means willingly giving myself, the soul, to God. It is handing over the reigns to your mind and intellect to Him. For really, the soul is the mind and intellect and it is in the mind that we live. Allowing God control to your intellect means to truly allow Him to control the kinds of thoughts that can be generated which then means controlling the feelings, actions and our very personality.

The surrendering of the body, wealth etc then simply follow given my thoughts would be such. So while it seems that we are giving up everything we own, ownership is also a feeling based on thought just as every other feeling is. We think we own something! For example, when I pay for an item, I now own it. But this is a feeling generated based on how we’ve been told the system works- you pay for something and it is yours. Similarly, if I train my mind to think that I am paying for something with money that belongs to God and that I am buying it for God’s task, then I no longer feel ownership. Its literally based on your thought!

So surrendering the generator of thoughts, the mind and intellect, to God essentially is a complete surrender. It means thinking only those elevated thoughts that He wants me to think, giving up waste and ordinary that comes from looking at or thinking of anyone or anything else. Consequently, it means doing as He wants, being what He wants. But then to be like God is not such a bad thing, is it?

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