I, Father and Drama

I am a soul, a tiny shining star and have come into this physical world, which is my world drama stage. I am an actor and have come onto this stage to enact my role. This is a rather long drama that lasts 5000 years. In a nutshell the drama is such that I am the empress of the world for the first half of the cycle. However, with each birth that I take, my powers deplete and I become less powerful as the cycle turns. For the second half of the cycle, I come under the influences of the external world, become confused about who I am, become vicious from virtuous and start to think of myself as an ordinary being, identifying myself with the role I was playing. Until now, that is!

At the confluence of the cycles, I am now introduced to a new actor in the play. This soul has the shortest but most significant role in the play- reminding me of who I am, of my powers, teaching me how to use them, filling me up with all the knowledge that I have forgotten. This soul is special- He remains unadulterated given He is free from the cycle of birth and death. He is always full of virtues, is referred to as the ocean of virtues, love and knowledge and is always free of vices. When I meet Him, I fall in love with Him instantly and this love grows stronger as time passes. At the end of the cycle, He returns me to my lost kingdom with a catch- I forget Him! It’s really a tragic fairy tale!

It is this part of the drama with the entry of this new actor that is the most interesting since I now get to experience the contrast of the present and what I start to remember of the past. So I work together with Him and use the drama. He teaches me the knowledge of who I am, how to think and act. The drama then ensures that I have situations or little workshops where I can put this knowledge into practical use. This way I get to practice emerging my powers that were suppressed and using them. Each action thus performed becomes a sanskar or a memory that gets stored in my (the soul’s) memory bank. This is new memory that is copied over the current corrupted version that gets erased in the process. This memory bank is the only way to take this knowledge with me into the new cycle at the end of the confluence age – its like freezing seasonal fruit for use throughout the year.

Once He has imparted all the knowledge  and my memory has been completely restored, He returns me to my kingdom and returns home Himself. Yes, I do have my emperorship back but I lose the companionship of the most precious soul I ever knew but then that’s the drama!

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