Unlocking your fortune

When I come here, if I am thinking of other things or other people, then I am not being an instrument for Baba’s service. Baba cannot use me to communicate to you, to talk to you- He then would need to use a different instrument or means to do so. While His service will not stop, I would have now become useless to Him. Rather than that, it becomes my duty to stay focused in the present task, be the Karanhaar to Karavanhaar Baba.

So what did My Baba say in the Murli today? A little one said, “My Baba lives in my heart”. But does He live in your eyes too?

Baba said that waking up a sleeping fortune is a task that only He can accomplish. We could say unlocking the fortune too. And one whose fortune has been unlocked becomes the emperor of the world. As Baba said in one of the Avyakt Murlis, we need two keys to open the lock to our fortune – one that we have and the other that Baba has. In other words, we could try to get access to our fortune by turning the key furiously in the lock but we will fail unless we have the support and strength from Baba. We simply don’t have enough power on our own. And in order to get that support and strength, we need to recognize Baba, know who He is, trust Him. Then when both keys turn, it’s magic.

Then there are some of us that sit here and say “Well, oh! The destination is very high. I don’t think I can do it. It’s too hard!” Yes, the destination is certainly high and it is hard- but that’s because we are trying to do this alone and that is simply impossible. Baba, our trusted banker, says, “Use me!” and we would be wise to do exactly that. Spend time with Him by listening to His knowledge, churn it constantly to understand Him and you are guaranteed to fall in love with Him. Love comes with trust.

When you then climb up the ladder, all you have to do is hold His hand and keep looking at Him, His smile is captivating and before you know it, you are well on your way to the top. There will come a point when the climb will seem effortless and you feel as though your feet and hands don’t have to do anything at all and then you find out that they really are not because you are being carried up by Baba in His arms! That is a stage when God has lost Himself so much in you, in your love for Him and He carries us up in His arms. And then when you finally get to the top- wow! What a view. You are the emperor of the world!

Well, once you are on top, the danger then is to remain safe and stay there. Recall parents telling kids not to look down from the top- your head could reel, you could feel giddy and fall! In other words, you could get too arrogant by where you are, start to think it’s your doing, forget where you would have been had it not been for Baba and …….fall. The other way to fall is when some of us get lonely, forget who we are, start to feel more interested in the world of the neighbors that live on the floors beneath us in the high rise. They invite us over and we start to visit. Does the emperor visit his peasants and have tea with them? No he does not. He engages with others of his own kind, not with his soldiers and horsemen. If you get off the seat of your self-respect and engage in unnecessary relationships, attachments with this old world, that’s the quickest way down. Once you’ve fallen, you could try to climb up again and you should but then your seat’s probably taken and there might not be enough time to get back up. Try as you might to like one of the lower floors once you’ve been on top, you can’t be satisfied. You might be able to see the beautiful homes in front from one of the floors, you go higher and you might be able to see the mountains but you won’t be able to see the sunset over the ocean behind the mountains unless you are at the very top. And you definitely will not have the company of the most beloved!

So keep Him always in your thoughts, not just in your heart but also in your eyes so you only see Him and you’ll find the journey up easy. You will not be distracted and will have used the time in the most fortunate way. For by the time you get to the top, you’ll have the most beloved as your companion for life. Once you’re there, trick is to hold on tight to Him and to your fortune and remember NOT to LOOK DOWN!

Enjoy the ride. Happy journey!

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