Past is Past. Put a Full Stop!

God says, Past is Past. Put a full stop. But what does it really mean to say “Past is Past” and why is it important?

Past is past means to forgive and forget. We are here at this present time with one simple goal- to settle all past Karmic accounts. So when we have someone say unpleasant things or behave in a not so nice manner, rather than immediately react to it, we need to understand that this is an account that I need to settle. I need to pay my debt by staying calm, understanding that I am reaping what I have sown in the past and then move on. In doing so, I forgive myself who, by the way, is the only person I have a right to forgive and feel thankful that I have now settled this account. If on the other hand I choose the alternative of reacting to what was said, then not only have I not closed my past account, I just created a new one. And that is not such a wise thing to do!

But going back to what we need to do, we need to both forgive and forget what was said or done. And if you think forgiving is hard, try forgetting! While some of us do well with staying calm and composed during the situation, we then spend too many hours stirring and fretting over what happened and find ourselves unable to put a full stop. And with not biding by this one law, we inadvertently find ourselves breaking multiple Godly laws. How so? Well, not being able to forget means you are still taking sorrow from the incident. While you may not have said anything at the time to give sorrow to the other person, by not letting go, you certainly have violated the 2nd half of the law “Don’t give nor take sorrow”. And it’s just a matter of time before you break the 1st half too because if I take sorrow, then that’s what I have to give to others. Soon, I will find myself in a cranky mood, taking my frustration out on someone else. It gets worse! Don’t know about you but I am not a happy person when I am cranky and there goes law #3, “Always remain happy no matter what”.  Now you see what I mean!

I could try and argue that reacting to something that was just said is not really breaking the rule of “past is past”. Actually, it is! No matter if something was said a 100years ago or a 100secs ago, it is history and so it is in the past and it is a matter of choice whether I want to hold on or let go. If you don’t let go, you are losing out on the precious present and making yourself vulnerable for the future. For the only way to prepare myself for the future is to do an excellent job in the present, not in the past! For all the king’s men and horses cannot bring the past back. So, stay current as they say! Although, when we say “staying current”, we ususally refer to keeping up with the latest news, movies, technology etc. While this kind of staying current can lead to mental overload, staying in the present will ensure you are always feeling light carrying no burdens from the past, alert and ready.

So why do we react in a situation or are unable to forget it later in the 1st place? It’s mostly because we feel a pressing need to constantly justify ourselves. “I did not really mean it that way”, “I am really a good person”, “I am being honest, what I said is true” etc. I’d like to think of myself as a spiritual being with a royal bearing. Do you think a king would care to justify himself to anyone? Someone who is true does not need to explain that he is true. Truth, as it turns out, has the blessing of being able to reveal itself. If you are a good person, that’s great! And goodness or greatness also like truth reveals itself through your thoughts, words, actions and your very demeanor. Truth and greatness are so powerful that they don’t need my help to reveal themselves at all.

Yet, we find ourselves putting in the effort time and again to do just that. Why? Because we simply don’t have strong enough faith in our own truth and greatness! We need someone else to feel about us the same way we do so we feel validated. Since when do truth and greatness need any validation?

This therefore is evidence of a lack of self-respect or self-worth. Royalty does not need or take… gives! Stretching out your hand asking for validation, understanding, love etc. is not becoming of regality at all. Staying in my self-respect at all times allows me to stay confident and secure in my truth; elevated enough to not be bothered and bound in these very limited aspects but be able to live in the unlimited. For it is in the unlimited that I experience the freedom and potential of who I am and the company of the most beloved- God Himself! It is in the unlimited that I am able to think of and work toward causes that are infinitely bigger than me. When I can do and accomplish so much more and stay in such elevated company, why would I let myself get stuck down here? Let go of the past, of the little things that we fret over but that simply do not matter. It really is not worth your time!

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