Fulfilling all Relationships

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”). Everyone answered, यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Have you seen मेरे बाबा (My Baba) anywhere? The little ones say, “He lives in my heart and in my eyes!”  Accha?

मेरे बाबा (“My Baba”)- with just these two words I have made Baba mine! He says, इस में सिर्फ दिल की बात है (“it’s just a matter of saying it from the heart”), nothing else! He is the Innocent Lord, the Ocean of Love. He comes when we are dirtiest with all the negatives we’ve picked up during the journey of life and yet He picks us right up, says मीठे बच्चे (“Sweet Child”), holds us close to his heart and kisses us. And just like that we become virtuous from vicious, rich from poor, beautiful from ugly. It’s magic! Is there another magician in the world that can do this? And what’s more this is magic that doesn’t lose its spell for a really long time. Its permanent, it’s real because it goes with you wherever you go.

There is a soul here that is His साजन (lover), one that is His friend. There is another here that is His mother, His son, His daughter. Despite putting in all our energy, we barely manage the relationships we have in our little families- we fight, we argue, we love, we cry! On the other hand, each one of us has multiple relationships with Him and there are so many of us! Yet He fulfills every single one of them to our heart’s content. He must be God! How does He do it? Well, I think its three things that He takes advantage of:

(1) He is the Ocean of Love– all men from the average Joe to the most hardened criminal melt in the presence of love. Have you experienced His love? No matter what your relationship with Him is, He is bound, yes bound, to fulfill them. He loves like no other for His love is pure, selfless and unconditional. He defines loyalty, trustworthiness and care. His love gives me the security, the confidence that I am protected and that nothing bad can even come close. He’s all that you wanted without the exhausting price tag of drama!

(2) He is the Ocean of all virtues and has no vices– it helps to not even know what anger is or any other vice is. He simply does not know anything but to love and to respond when He is called. And you don’t even have to waste a breath to call Him, simply remember Him and as He says himself, हुजूर हाज़िर है (“Lord is present”!) This is something I’m certain all of us have experienced. If not, please do. When in need- whether in an emergency or when simply waiting for a bus- remember Him! You’ll feel His presence making things right, giving you the strength to get through your scene. His very name means benefactor- He does not know how not to respond! This is not “asking” God in the way we think of it in terms of devotion but rather it is expressing a right based on my relationship with Him. And this strengthens the relationship by building faith and trust.

(3) He is the most powerful- He is the Ocean of Love and virtues but the fact that He is also the most powerful is what makes this work for Him. While a lot of us have a lot of love to give to others, we lack the power to go with it. We lack the power to stay in our self-respect and instead become dependent on each other. We start to confuse attachment for love and when circumstances change such that we need to move apart from each other or lose each other, we feel miserable. If love is so beautiful, so fulfilling so much so that every single soul craves for it, how can one take sorrow from it? We also lack the power to observe our role in the drama of life objectively and assess our performance. Integrity is power and unfortunately, integrity and attachment tend to be mutually exclusive! As counter-intuitive as this may sound, the more you think about it the more you realize that the more detached one is the more loving one can be. How so? God does not allow Himself to get disturbed or affected by any of our thoughts, words or actions. The minute you take things personally, let yourself get influenced – feeling happy or hurt, you lose your objectivity, you become a part of that scene rather than an observer and all of a sudden you are now defending the scene rather than assessing it.

When I can combine love with power, it is pure love that requires nothing in return but rather simply gives and satisfies. And it seems to me that there is no other way to be loved than to give love- pure love. And love, by the way, is the opposite of lust! Lust is one of the most violent emotions and is the quickest way to make one sensitive or attached or dependent. It may be the way to get a person’s body but you will not get the soul- it’s not lust that the soul wants but purity and love! The soul has nothing to do with the body other than use it to perform an action and express its beauty. And something as violent as lust cannot be beauty. In fact it can only be connected with something made of matter, not with energy whose original qualities are peace, love and purity.

And so using a combination of love and power, God manages to fulfill all our relationships so beautifully that we simply melt, we surrender! We surrender and invite God to be seated in our hearts and in our eyes. Everywhere we see, we see Him and we feel His love. But what does it take to be seated in His heart? To be His “Dil-Taqt-Nasheen”, as He says. Dil-Nasheen refers to something that has penetrated the heart and Dil-Taqt-Nasheen means penetrated the heart and seated on the heart throne. What could possibly penetrate the heart? Beauty! Beauty that comes from pure, elevated love, from virtues, from being a charitable soul. From being like Him! When I become such a beautiful soul, I am able to penetrate God’s own heart and am seated on His throne and in His eyes. And then everywhere He sees, He sees me and feels my love. To be seated on the heart throne and in the eyes of the very Ocean of Love! Now that’s something worth living for, isn’t it?

आये हो मेरी जिन्दगी में तुम बहार बनके
मेरे दिल में यूं ही रहना, तुम प्यार प्यार बनके….
आँखों में यूं सजे हो, सपने हजार बनके
मेरे दिल में यूं ही रहना, तुम प्यार प्यार बनके…..

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