Iccha Matram Avidhya – Ignorance of Desire

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! There is a smile on everyone’s face and why not when you have My Baba in your heart! “No”, says a little one.. “He’s My Baba!” Accha?!

How can I not be happy when I have the one who is Ever Happy in my heart, in my mind? Baba reminds us that it is kind of incorrect to refer to Him as “Ever Happy” since that would imply that there is even a chance of Him being unhappy which is incorrect. He never experiences unhappiness or sorrow.

He fills us up with so much love, joy, courage and strength that we never again feel helplessness, despair or anxiety. We never feel that there is anything that I cannot do. I never again feel vulnerable to sorrow from anyone; I am now powerful, empowered with the knowledge of the soul, its strength from the Supreme Himself. Only God is capable of uplifting a soul so desperate, so depleted, so empty and so impure. He comes, lifts up a dirty soul, puts him to His chest and says to Him with so much joy, “Oh, I have found my child, my precious diamond” and He says it with so much love, sincerity and faith that all of a sudden all that hopelessness and despair is replaced with tremendous strength and self-respect. In a second we see ourselves as elevated rather than downtrodden. It is liberation from all sorrow while still in the midst of the land of sorrow- an experience of liberation in life (जीवन मुक्ति).

Only the most powerful soul, the liberator Himself could bring about a transformation so profound in just a second through His one word, His one smile, His one look! Imagine if you or I were to see an extremely downtrodden, helpless stranger on the street, would I stop to say a kind word? Chances are I would not even notice. Even if I did and say went up to the soul and said a kind word, it might bring a smile on his face but what else? Would that transform his state of mind, change his life forever? The answer is No! You and I, human souls, are not capable of transforming each other in this way…only God can. Butwhat you and I can do to help others is introduce them to God, establish that connection and then He will take over.

So how does He manage to stay happy? Especially when, if you think about it, the soul that faces the most test papers in His lifetime is Baba! He gets to see His own children fight each other since the beginning of the Copper age. While one child might build a temple for Him, He sees another child loot that same temple of all its wealth. While one child might sing his praises and offer flowers to Him, another might throw stones at Him. While some may come closer through Him, others fight each other in His name. While one mother thanks Him for giving her a child, another blames Him for losing hers. Does he let Himself be affected by any of this? No, He remains stable in His self-respect (स्वमान) fully aware that He was not responsible for either scenario. He is there to help those that call out to Him to get over their pain by filling them, the soul, with strength and courage. But He does not allow Himself to get involved in the emotional drama that goes on down here in our world theatre. He is always detached from the scene and the actors observing only as a witness and this detachment is what allows Him to provide objective guidance to help the soul overcome its pain. This is also what allows Him to remain happy in his unlimitedness and loving always – the ability to be unaffected.

But then one could argue that well, Baba does not come into the cycle of birth and death and so it is easy for Him to be unaffected and happy! We on the other hand have the baggage of sanskars (संस्कार) carried over half the cycle. But then Baba reminds us that we were also perfect, soul conscious and happy for the other half- so why not emerge the sanskars from that half instead?! But then we argue that the 2nd half is fresher in our memories and so those sanskars emerge sooner. Well, if we want to talk freshness, what is freshest, as Baba reminds us, is the knowledge that we are receiving now directly from Him. So then what’s the excuse?

Most often, our happiness goes away when we don’t get the desired return of our investment in anything- whether in our lokik work or in our Godly service. There are times when we feel cheated because someone else who, according to us, may not have done something well, is not following Shrimat properly gets recognition, gets put in front while we don’t. In lokik work too, there may be situations where I don’t get promoted despite having worked hard while someone else does simply because they knew the right people. It happens, it is a test and the purpose of a test is to pass it and move ahead! A wise soul once said that if I do all the work and someone else takes the credit, that’s okay because I get the power! Think about it. Tests make us strong, teach us to not have expectations and how to rise above the desire for limited attainments. Baba as we discussed earlier faces the most tests and is also the most powerful! Note also that limited attainments would also be temporary because even if I got credit for it, that so called happiness stays for a fleeting moment before it fades away and I start looking for the next thing that will make me happy. The point is source of happiness is not external but rather within me – it is in realizing who I am, whom I belong to. When I do service or even lokik work, do I see myself as God’s instrument? If yes, then clearly I am doing it for Him, it is His task and so credit or blame should both go to Him. Why am I bothered?

Baba Himself says, don’t worry if someone else takes the credit for something you did because I know what you did and you are already beaded in my rosary of victory (Vijayi mala). He says it’s okay if someone else gets put in front and is given importantance; you are so important to me that you are seated on my heart throne (Dil-Taqt-Nasheen). Now try and beat that! Everything else ceases to even be relevant let alone important.

And talking about credit, let’s go back to what Baba does again. He comes and transforms each and every impure soul – think of how many there are- into a resident of heaven. After all that, He also establishes heaven, drops us off at the gate and walks away! Now that is power. He didn’t find it important to live there to claim credit. And when Krishna, the 1st prince of heaven gets asked who gave him his inheritance of the kingdom, he points to his father and does not even remember Baba. But does that change the fact that it was Baba that created heaven, does it change the fact that He is the most powerful? No! Just because something is not published does not mean it isn’t true. Brahma baba was God’s own instrument in starting world transformation. It is through Him that God gives us knowledge to establish heaven on earth. Does anyone worship him as Brahma? Is he even known around the world? Does that change anything? Again, the answer is No! He still continues to be God’s instrument and remains the one closest to Him. Similarly, if I did something for God as His instrument, He knows!

And as far as I’m concerned, I was always in His heart and He won mine at Hello! How does anything else matter?

तुम्हे पा के हमने जहाँ पा लिया हैं
ज़मीन तो ज़मीन आसमान पा लिया हैं…..

मिटा ना सकेंगे जिसे अब किजा भी
जला न सकेंगि जिसे बिजलीयाँ भी
मोहब्बत का वो आशियाँ पा लिया हैं…..

जमाने के गम प्यार में ढल गए हैं
उम्मीदों के लाखों दियें जल गए हैं
के जबसे तुम्हे मेहरबान पा लिया हैं….

जहां से मोहब्बत की राहें मिली हैं
वहीं से मेरी घरदिशे थम गयी है
ना बिछड़ेगे हम कारवां पा लिया हैं….

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