Light and Darkness

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha!

The entire gathering is lit up, everyone’s faces are lit up with a bright smile and foreheads shone like glittering stars. How can it not be lit up when it is a gathering of souls that are drawing unlimited power from the lighthouse Himself!

So when you think about it, there is always a source of light, never one for darkness. Darkness is a consequence of not having light! For example, when we want to create dimness in a room that has windows, we pull down the blinds. Similarly when we go to sleep at night, we turn off the lights. Talking about night time, it is what happens when the sun leaves and its day when the Sun rises again and dispels the darkness.

Now thinking more about this, this is actually a good thing. Why? Well, darkness is associated with what is bad, with the ignorance of the mind, with a lack of virtues or values, lack of justice etc. In other words, darkness is associated with sorrow and all drivers of sorrow. And so if darkness is simply an absence of light, then all we need to do is turn on the light and drive away the sorrow! What is this light? It is the light of knowledge- the knowledge of who I am, my original qualities, of right and wrong. And the powerhouse that supplies this light is the Supreme Soul- the Sun of Knowledge!

When I connect the wires of my mind with Him, I am filled with clarity, with purity, with freedom- with all things that make me feel happy and light! The way to connect my wires with Him is to simply remember Hi m. There is not a need to go anywhere, spend any money on expensive equipment, or even a need to utter a single word. All I need to do is remember! Remember that I am a soul; a shining point of light, situated in the center of the forehead. Remember that the Supreme Soul resides in the Soul World which is the same sweet, silence Home that we all come from and simply connect with Him (see post).

It is when I forget to turn on this light of soul consciousness that the darkness of body consciousness sets in. It is then that we find ourselves today giving or taking sorrow, see entire nations fight each other over territorial rights or rights over resources, see a son kill his own father for wealth. We have shut the doors and windows to our mind from receiving the light from the powerhouse. And so what we are left with is ignorance and with it a limited perspective where we start to identify each other by our roles in society- a doctor, a lawyer etc. or by our religion or nationality. I feel that it is these attributes that define my very identity. I forget that I am a soul that is pure and loving, unlimited in my vision with a unique role in this world and way too important to be caught up in the mundane. So we fight each other out of fear – fear of a loss in position, power. We look for respect and validation from others because we lack self-respect. This is also the cause of anger-we think someone or something causes us anger when in fact it is driven by a lack of sense of self-worth and love. We associate the darkness of violence with physical assault or with war but really anger even if not projected is violence- violence against the self, the soul.

By simply opening those windows again, we allow the light of the Supreme Soul to fill our minds with His knowledge, helping us remember again of who we are, our true religion or peace and purity and just like that all the darkness disappears. We start to see things clearly again including our very unique place on this world stage. With a clear loving vision, we start to see others as pure souls like ourselves as well, as members of the same family from the same home. Anger is replaced with love, fear replaced with self-respect, greed replaced with generosity or in other words body consciousness replaced with soul consciousness.

So when you hear that knock on the door of your mind, lift up the eye of your intellect and look! For it is the Supreme Soul waiting to be let in. Stop looking for a match or a candle that we find in our limited vision of body consciousness for it can but only provide temporary brightness. The Supreme Soul on the other hand is the Sun, the lighthouse with real, pure and unlimited brightness and He is at your doorstep!

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