NYARA- Detached and Unique

The Father says: I am incorporeal and unique.

I come here to serve everyone.

According to the Drama, Baba’s role is totally separated. There is only One and He is the Ocean of Knowledge.

The Father too has a part. The Father carries out a very great task. No one can know His birthday or the day of His departure, because He is totally unique.

There is only the one Father who purifies the impure. He says: My role is totally unique.

 Baba says: As much as possible, you must forget all those who have been gone, as well as those who exist now in the old world.

Does Baba have pure attachment? Baba has even greater pure attachment than the children have, but there is a difference between BapDada and the children. When children have pure attachment, they become the embodiment of it; they either become loving or they become detached. But BapDada become loving and detached at the same time.

I come and teach you every cycle and observe everything as a detached observer.

The Father says: I neither have a crown of light nor one of jewels. He never attains a kingdom. He never becomes double-crowned but He makes others that. The Father says: If I were to become a king, I would also have to become a pauper.

BapDada is the Observer as well as the Companion.

The children said: “Baba, you won’t come into the Golden Age?”

Baba replied: “Brahma Baba will be with you”

“What will Shiv Baba do up there in the soul world?”

“He will watch the children’s games, someone should be the observer. The One who is ever detached remains detached. He is the Beloved, but He remains detached and beloved. He is playing the part of the Beloved now, at the confluence age and in the Golden age, He will remain detached. Otherwise, when you fall, who will uplift you? To come in the Golden Age means to go through the cycle….when you take birth in the Golden Age, then, invite Me. If you invite Him, Baba will come….Are you trying to tempt Baba with the Golden Age?

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