I never let go of the hands of My lovers

Children sing that they will never let go of the hand of the company.

This is the children’s promise as well as the Father’s promise.

Baba cannot break His promise

 The Spiritual Beloved never lets go of the hands of His lovers. This is the promise that is maintained until the end, that the hand of the company will always be with the soul…No matter how many games the soul may play, but the Beloved will not let go because He knows: Where can they go if they let go of Baba? Baba has made a promise that I will take you home with Myself and so Baba cannot set aside His promise.

Since you are combined, can anyone separate those who are combined? This form of the spiritual couple can never be separated from one another. Just as Brahma Baba and Dada are combined- can anyone separate them?- so you elevated Brahmins who follow the Father are combined with the Father. According to the eternal Drama, you have become eternally combined form at the Confluence Age. As long as it is the Confluence Age, the Father and the elevated souls are constantly together.

Always remember that you are the light of the eyes,

the jewels of the forehead,

the beads of the rosary of victory around the neck

and smile on the Father’s lips.

At the end, Baba will leave.

“Oh Baba, You have given us so much happiness and You are going!”

There will be tears of love.

They become the beads of the rosary.

“You have brought us the kingdom and You are leaving!”

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1 Response to I never let go of the hands of My lovers

  1. Hella says:

    It is very rare to find skilled people for this issue, but you be understood as you are aware of what you are sharing! Many thanks

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