KHUDA- The One who comes Himself

The Unlimited Father Himself comes to give His own introduction

His role has been praised and it is because He has played a role that He is worshipped

Some people say that He is beyond name and fame and that He therefore cannot come.

By saying that He is omnipresent, there cannot be a life story.

Baba explains: I too have a part to play. I come cycle after cycle, at the Confluence Age, to play My part. The children whom I sent to the land of happiness are the ones who have become unhappy and this is why, according to the Drama, I have to come.

When there is defamation of the One who establishes the deity religion in Bharat and He is pushed into the pebbles and stones, I come.

Although everyone calls Me God, no one knows Me! It is only when people are in sorrow that they call out: Oh Prabhu! Oh Ishwar! The wonder is that not a single human being knows who the Unlimited Father, the Creator is!

The Father only comes by Himself at His own time.

The Father says: I come at My own time, according to the Drama plan and adopt this body. How else could I liberate you sweetest children from sorrow?

It isn’t that I come because of someone’s remembrance. My coming is fixed in the Drama; it is when the impure world has to change and become the pure world.

It isn’t that God is waiting to hear the cries of the souls! The Father explains: According to the Drama plan, I enter a body in order to purify the impure. It isn’t that I come on hearing your call.

I have to come when devotion comes to an end.

The Father says: No one on the path of devotion has been able to attain Me by doing penance or having sacrificial fires, etc. It is only through Me that you can attain Me.

Khuda, God, comes only at the time of settlement.

When you have completed the cycle of 84 births and have reached a state of total decay, it is then that I have to come. No one can make you pure from impure before then.

The Father says: I come to serve all souls, to change the residents of hell into the residents of heaven. He comes to the foreign land to establish His heaven.

This is the eternally predestined law: Baba has to come without permission in order to decorate you children at the Confluence Age.

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