Gunon Ka Sagar – The One who is full with divine virtues

The virtues of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, are also remembered. He is the seed of the Human World Tree, the Truth, the Living Being, the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Knowledge.

Baba has equality in all the virtues. He has, whereas some of you have the specialty of one virtue and others the specialty of another virtue. So there is a difference.

Baba is also a soul. He too has virtues. Your virtues are separate from His…At this time, the virtues that you have are the Father’s virtues. Then, in the Golden Age, you will have divine virtues. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Love. The praise of Krishna is different. Shiv Baba cannot be said to be 16 celestial degrees complete. He is always constant. The Father says: You cannot give Me this title. I do not become vicious that I would then have to become complete with all virtues.

No sin can be accumulated in the Supreme Soul. He has the part in the Drama of doing service.

It is said that the Father is Knowledge-Full, peaceful and blissful and so there has to be an inheritance from Him. His children had to receive His virtues. You are now receiving them.

The Father says: I am making you into pure deities. You were once complete with all virtues, completely pure. You have now become completely impure. The Unlimited Father says: This is not a matter of defamation but just an explanation.

Baba interacts with everyone with a lot of love.

The virtue of “You first” is the main virtue of the Father. The Father says: Children, you first! Follow the Father in this virtue.

 Baba tells you: Imbibe divine virtues! Don’t make anyone unhappy.

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