Loving God – Part I

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha!

बाबा याद हैं? प्यार है? Accha!

What does it mean to love God? God is a point of light, He is without a body. It doesn’t end there! He does not see a body either, He doesn’t care about how beautiful your eyes are; He only cares about the beauty of the soul, of you! So clearly, there isn’t physical aspect associated with loving God! So all the traditional ideas that come to mind when you think of romance, of spending time with the beloved all sort of go out the window.

Okay, so then what does it mean to love Him? How do I love Him? When you think about it, I am a soul too, just like God- a shining point of light. Sure, I wear a body to perform actions in this corporeal world but then that’s a costume. It’s not me! In fact it does not even belong to me..it’s on loan for the duration of this current role I am playing. So then there really isn’t a dilemma or a mismatch because both of us look the same.

The problem is having lived here for all these births, we at some point began identifying ourselves with this body and started to believe that loving the body is the same as loving the person, that holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes was love. Even worse, we started to think that lust is love or at least part of love. Wrong! Lust is the opposite of love. The body is made of the five elements, its matter. How can love be reduced to loving matter? Can love be that undignified? One hopes not and God, thankfully, confirms that it is not! Lust is nothing but man’s desire to express his supremacy over matter, to show his hold or control over it. Well, that’s just a sad day, isn’t it if I need to prove this to myself? I am superior to matter…and really shouldn’t need to prove it.

So then I must understand that I am a beautiful, divine being. A soul that is so pure that God, the purest being, wants me as His companion. He wants me to love Him and think of Him, and only Him all the time. He wants me to spend time with Him. While a human being loves the way I look or rather admires the beauty of my costume, God loves me, my inner beauty. He loves my pure heart, my kindness, my gentleness. He smiles every time I do a kind deed or extend a helping hand to someone. He is proud when I stand tall in the face of adversity without succumbing to pressures of society. He falls in love over and over again when I am able to stay in my self-respect or maintain the royalty that He knows I own even when someone insults me or hurls abuses at me. He is moved when I take each step to transform myself according to his guidance (Shrimat)- He is moved at my doing something that will benefit me! And He loves that I do it because I love Him! And guess what? When I am following His Shrimat, I am in fact holding His hand for His Shrimat is His hand. You cannot possibly hold a physical hand all day but you can hold His hand all your life!

So there! Love is something that is completely non-physical. It is what you experience when you are deeply touched by a quality of another soul, it is a sense of respect and appreciation. Over time, it enforces faith or trust and the “love” grows stronger. While a human being gives you access to the body while keeping themselves hidden, God gives me access to Himself, His mind, His intellect. I have a right to every thought in His mind, to the power of His intellect all the time. I know Him! So every time I read His Murli, I am loving Him. The deeper I dive into his words, the more deeply I love Him. Every time I write to Him or about Him, I am loving Him. Every time I sing His song, or simply think of His name, I am loving Him. How so? Because every time I do any of these things I understand Him better, His qualities, the ways His intellect works. And loving starts with spending time with someone and understanding who they really are.  When I imbibe His qualities, I am experiencing Him. That’s the only way to reach the soul.

And when I love Him, He surrenders. He surrenders everything He has to me and what He has is that priceless treasure of peace, happiness, purity and love that not just you and I but sages and sanyasis have been searching for decades and still are!

Have you experienced the power of His love? I highly recommend it. It’s the only true love you’ll find, the only kind that the soul wants and that’s the truth.

अँखियों के झरोको से मैने देखा जो सांवरे
तुम दूर नज़र आये बडी दूर नज़र आये
बंद करके झरोको को ज़रा बैठी जो सोचने
मन में तुमही मुस्काये  मन में तुमही मुस्काये…

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