Loving God – Part II

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha!

When you are in love, you give everything you have including yourself to the beloved. You cease to exist as two separate beings and simply become one. You look out for each other, cheer for each other and support each other. There is a deep respect for each other – for each other’s qualities, for what they stand for.

So what can I give God? Well, whatever I so called “own” is His to begin with and besides He has very little use for material possessions anyway. His task is to transform Earth which is now Hell into Heaven. That comes with transforming each soul including myself into someone that is eligible to be a resident of Heaven- completely vice less and filled only with Divine Virtues. While He is responsible for each soul, I am responsible for myself first and then for supporting Him by lending a helping hand to other effort makers such as myself.

Transforming myself can happen at various levels:

(1)   Transformation to the extent that makes me eligible to become the king or queen of the Sun dynasty. He calls this an air conditioned ticket to Heaven.

(2)   Transformation to the extent that makes me the king or queen of the Moon dynasty. He calls this the first class ticket.

(3)   Just enough to be born in the capital city of Heaven. A second class ticket.

(4)   Just enough to be part of the royal subjects of Heaven. A third class ticket.

I am going to assume we all want to be purchasers of the air conditioned ticket! So then fulfilling my responsibility to transforming myself means not just passing all four subjects of Knowledge (gyan), Remembrance (yog), Inculcation of virtues (Dharna) and Service (Seva) but passing with honors. That means being the best and the easiest way to be the best is to follow the best. The best is God Himself in the incorporeal and Brahma Baba in the corporeal form. I need to follow both of them to achieve my goal.

Now, Brahma Baba perfected himself by following the only example he had i.e. God. Two things stand out for me in his effort-making: (1) He surrendered everything to God and (2) He experienced himself to be combined with God at all times. It therefore became easy to behave in a manner befitting God. I figure, I do the same two things.

Actually, when you think about it, the two things go hand in hand. Going back to the point about surrendering to God, this to me means surrendering me- my mind and intellect. If my mind is surrendered to God that means each thought in it is what God would like it to be. So then how far can surrendering everything else including your body, wealth, every breath be? How so? Simply because as we know, every feeling, word, action starts with a thought and I am handing over the control over that very seed to God. Exploring further, this soul (mind and Intellect) is associated with a body for the duration of a role. One can say they are inseparably married for the duration of this time. In other words, the body will not work at the directions of anyone else but of the soul it is associated with. But I, the soul, have the power to turn off my own thinking and simply connect the wires of my mind with those of God’s. Then while technically my body still gets its directions from me, I become but a conduit for the thoughts from God’s mind. Is this not being combined?

When my thoughts are God’s thoughts, what kind of words will I speak? They will be elevated words of God’s knowledge that I will impart to others. They will be flowers rather than stones as He says. What kind of actions will I perform? They will be those elevated actions that will bring benefit to one and all. How will I appear to others? Considering I am now combined with God who is the purest being- bright shining light, my face will glow revealing divinity, royalty befitting a companion of God. The moment I connected the wires to God’s mind, I am in yoga. Becoming a conduit for God means I automatically inculcate His qualities. Every word I speak, every action I perform becomes service. Even my very face performs service by revealing God to those who come in front of me, reminding them of who they are and whom they belong to without even having to say a word.

That’s where I need to be to pass with honors. Sounds like a steep climb but the destination – becoming combined with God, being His companion makes it totally worth it! I am up for it. Are you?

अँखियों के झरोको से मैने देखा जो सांवरे
तुम दूर नज़र आये बडी दूर नज़र आये
बंद करके झरोको को ज़रा बैठी जो सोचने
मन में तुमही मुस्काये, मन में तुमही मुस्काये

एक मन था मेरे पास वो अब खोने लगा हैं
पाकर तुझे हाय मेरा दिल खोने लगा हैं
एक तेरे भरोसे पे साब बैठी हूं भूल के
यूं उमर गुजर जाये तेरे साथ गुजर जाये….

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