Introduction of the First Goddess, World Mother Saraswati

“Each one of us has our own lokik (physical) mother who gave birth to the body, but as souls our mother and father is the one Parlokik (Incorporeal) Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, the point of light, Shiva, who is also the mother and father of our physical parents. We all know about both sets of parents— the lokik and parlokik — but human beings today do not have the true introduction of the name, form, abode, duty etc. of the Supreme Parent. There comes a time within the world drama cycle of 5000 years when we find our alokik (spiritual) Mother. We get to know this spiritual mother for only a short period once in the cycle; her name is Jagadamba (World Mother) Adi Devi (First Goddess) Mother Saraswati.

The Incorporeal Supreme Soul, Shiva, is the Eternal One and therefore Father of us souls. But how can Jagadamba, a bodied being, be Mother of the World? The answer lies in understanding Jagadamba’s spiritual task. The name of this Alokik Mother, based on her duty, is “Shiv Vanshi Brahma Kumari Adi Devi Jagadamba Saraswati” (“The Creation of Shiva, Brahma Kumari First Goddess, World Mother Saraswati”). Everyone sees her as the “Goddess of Knowledge.” The ornament of the ‘veena’ in her hands is symbolic of her playing the veena of knowledge. But if the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva is the Ocean of Knowledge, then where and how did Mother Saraswati attain said knowledge? She would definitely have received the vast knowledge from none other than the Supreme Soul Shiva, and then become Gyan-Gyãneshwari, the Goddess of Knowledge herself! When the world drama cycle reaches the completely impure time of Iron Age (Kaliyug) and the urn of sin is full, the God of the Gita, Incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiva, incarnates by entering the corporeal chariot of Prajapita Brahma (Bhagirath, the lucky chariot) in order to purify the impure humanity and re-establish the world of Satyug (Golden Age).

People do believe that the Supreme Soul created a new world through Brahma. Mother Saraswati becomes the Commander of the Non-Violent Shiv-Shakti Army, manned by the mouth-born creation of Brahma (the true Brahmins— Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris). They personally listen and imbibe the real Godly Gita knowledge, imparted through Brahma’s mouth, and then battle against the vices. Along with other Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris, she imbibes the knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge, the Lord of Immortality, Supreme Soul Shiva in her kalash (pot)-like intellect. Thus, she becomes the living Ganges of Knowledge and engages herself in alokik service of purifying human souls with the nectar of knowledge.

This spiritual service transforms the corrupt, Iron-Aged world from a jungle of thorns into an elevated Golden-Aged garden of divine flowers. The rivers of Bharat have been named Ganga, Jamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Kãveri, Brahma Putra etc., in memory of this spiritual task. Saraswati is an incognito river, implying that Prajapita Brahma and the creation of Shiva, Brahma Kumari Saraswati, establish the new Golden-Aged world once again with the power of Godly knowledge and yoga. Consequently, they are considered to be the spiritual Father and Mother of the world.

Their spiritual task occurs at the meeting point or Sangam (Confluence) of the end of Iron Age and beginning of Golden Age. This is why Saraswati is seen at the ‘confluence’ (of rivers). Today, people believe the meeting of rivers in Allahabad to be the true ‘confluence’, which is merely a memorial ofSangam Yug (Confluence Age) created on the path of devotion. As this task took place at the ‘ãdi’ (beginning) of the new world, the World Mother is also known as ‘Ãdi Devi’ (the first Goddess).


On instructions of Supreme Soul Shiva, Jagadamba and other Shiv-Shaktis distanced themselves from the impure Iron-Aged world. Following which, they carried out the spiritual service of enabling human souls to receive the deity status of liberation-in-life for future 21 births, in the Golden-Aged Land of Paradise.

This task was so elevated that along with celebrating the festival of ‘Shiv Ratri’ (the memorial of Supreme Soul Shiva’s incarnation to destroy the Iron-Aged night of ignorance), the festival of Navratri is celebrated twice in commemoration of Shiv-Shaktis. The tradition of devotees worshipping the Goddesses through the night began in memorial of the task they accomplished by sharing knowledge with others and awakening souls from Kumbhakarna’s sleep of intense ignorance, at the end of the Iron-Aged night. Throughout India, one can find temples dedicated to Spiritual Mother Jagadamba in the forms of Durga, Amba, Kali, Saraswati and many other names. Today, however, the devotees neither know anything about these Goddesses nor the significance of the festivals connected with them.

It is also important to note that although the Raj-Rajeshwari (Royal Empresses) Goddesses of the Golden and Silver Ages —Shri Radhe, Shri Lakshmi, Shri Sita and others – are praised and worshipped extensively, the festivals held for the Confluence-Aged Gyan-Gyaneshwari (Goddesses of Knowledge) – Durga, Amba, Kali, Saraswati etc. – and attended by hordes of devotees, honor these Shaktis who inculcate the nectar of knowledge from Supreme Soul, Shiva, in the Confluence Age and then distribute the same to others. As fruit of their actions, they become the Empresses of the future Satyug and Tretayug (Golden and Silver Ages). While devotees merely ask Empress Shri Lakshmi for wealth, they pray to Jagadamba for wealth, long life, fortune, children and much more. In fact, Mother Amba is the permanent source providing these facilities of complete happiness and peace; she is “Kãmdhenu”.

These attainments are not achieved by merely praising and worshipping her non-living images, but rather by listening and inculcating the knowledge of the Supreme Soul Shiva given to her in the Confluence Age. This is why it is said, “There can be no salvation without Godly knowledge”, and Mother Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge. Human beings today do not have the slightest knowledge about the activities of both Confluence-Aged Goddesses of Knowledge and Golden-Aged Empresses, nor the difference between their times of existence.

Just as devotees remember Supreme Soul Shiva as Amarnath (Lord of Immortality), Somnath (Lord of Nectar), Vishwanath (Lord of the Universe) etc. according to His activities, so too have they named Mother of the World as Amba, Durga, Kali, Sheetala, Saraswati and so on. The Mother is called ‘Durga’ since she had strengthened her mind, words and actions like a ‘durg’ or fortress to the extent that Maya (negativity) did not have the courage to even face her. Human beings with vicious traits were ashamed of standing before her and would immediately lower their heads in deference. Having deeply connected in yoga with Supreme Soul Shiva (who gives strength to the helpless), she adopted the form of the fearless Lioness Shakti, and therefore has been shown seated on a lion. Mother has also been given the fearsome form of Kali since she had inspired human beings with devilish attitudes to sacrifice the vices before her. But the astounding fact is that rather than sacrifice their own vices, devotees violently sacrifice innocent goats in a fruitless endeavor to gratify the Mother, the living image of non-violence!

The Mother shared Supreme Soul Shiva’s knowledge and gave solace to souls, which is why she is named Sheetala and Saraswati. Extreme irreligiousness rules the present time. True knowledge of the time period and duty of the deities has disappeared for a very long time. A number of misconceptions have spread about them. Many books have made false accusations about them and thus drowned Bharat’s ancient, golden civilization. Saraswati is Brahma’s daughter; in reality, she is his adopted daughter. Father Brahma was very pleased with how Saraswati had inculcated the knowledge and divine virtues, and appointed her ‘Yagya-Mata’(Mother of the Yagya) seeing her worthy of looking after the sacrificial fire of knowledge.

Since the establishment or creation of the new world occurs through Brahma and
Saraswati, they become ancestors to all human souls who descend on the world drama stage after them. This is why Christians, Muslims and people of other religions believe that they, Adam and Eve or Adham and Bibi (Hawa) etc. existed at the beginning of the universe. Nonetheless, they are completely unaware of their era or task. But since residents of Bharat themselves have forgotten their spiritual Mother and Father, how can we accuse souls of other religions who came much later?

As the world cycle is once again nearing the end of the Iron Age and preparations for its destruction through atomic weapons are underway, Supreme Soul Shiva has created His Rudra Gita-Gyan Yagya (the sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra) through Prajapita Brahma in order to create the new world as done exactly a kalpa (5000 years) ago. This yagya is also called Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Brahma Kumari Saraswati became the Yagya-Mata created by the Supreme Being, and thus fulfilled the task of World Mother, before leaving her body. This is why the path of devotion portrays Saraswati as being incognito. We, Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris, are the mouth-born creation (created through knowledge) of this Spiritual Mother.

*Introduction provided by Dada Anand Kishore ji of the Brahma Kumaris

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