Vidya Visharde (Embodiment of Knowledge)

Goddess Of Eloquence – Taught Me The Art Of Public-Speaking

Mama granted me one blessing. Certain people have excellent oratory skills and for them it is said, “Saraswati resides on his or her tongue”; I received a similar blessing from Mama. There was an inter-religious conference being held once in Mumbai and we had received an invitation. I did not want to attend it but Mama said I should be sent. Though it was a multi-faith conference, Muslim leaders were the organizers. Up till then, I had been sharing and discussing Godly knowledge with individuals but never given a speech to a gathering before. When I received the invitation, I said, “I have never given speeches so how I go to this Conference” It was night-time when Mama heard about this. She said, “Send him to me and I will teach him how to give a speech right now.” I went and sat near Mama and whilst patting my back gently, she slowly taught me how to give a speech. The topic of the Conference was ‘World Peace’. In four minutes, Mama told me what world peace was, why is there a need for it, when was the world peaceful, and who is the one to establish world peace. When I went and gave my speech, the audience listened attentively for 40 minutes. They were most impressed by the Brahma Kumaris speech. I used the pictures of the Tree, Ladder and Cycle as visual tools and these were much in demand by the audience. In this way, Vãgdevi Saraswati (Goddess of Speech) herself taught me public-speaking. This is one of my life’s most special and memorable events.


I first met Mama in 1959, at Waterloo Mansion near Colaba, Mumbai. I had only been in knowledge for about a month, and I was about 20-21 years old. Mama stayed in Mumbai for a month during that visit. Mama’s personality shone brightly and emitted motherly affections naturally. On meeting her, I had the thought that I have met her before. I even mentioned it to her and she said, “Yes, we had met each other a cycle back,” but I did not understand what she said at the time.

One day, I was having lunch with her. Before beginning her meal, she fed me the first mouthful from her own plate. This incident made me feel I had found my mother once again after many days. Mama too said, “Yes, this is a spiritual meeting.”


Every evening, Mama’s class was held between 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. As I was in the Indian Navy, this timing was convenient for me. Mama’s class would run for about 45 minutes to an hour. Mama’s method of clarifying the knowledge was very distinctive and simple. I did have some questions about gyan and inculcation of the knowledge but never asked them. The surprising thing was that these doubts and questions would be cleared automatically in Mama’s speeches. I asked Mama about this: “Mama, how do you know we have these questions?” She answered, “It’s nothing like that. I remember Baba and speak according to the inspirations I receive from Him.” She never would say she knew that we had had these questions. Mama always pointed towards Baba. She always presented herself as His humble daughter.


Whichever topic Mama took up, she explored its extreme depths. In those days, Mama explained specially about the depths and expansiveness of ‘karma’. She would speak at length about the Supreme Soul’s introduction and the inculcation of purity. Along with depth, her method of teaching was very simple, easy, and interesting. A listener would not find it burdensome or difficult to imbibe. The listeners thought she was the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati, and her knowledge was making their lives perfect with the wealth of dhãrnã (inculcation).

Mama used to speak very little. We only heard her voice only during class or whilst she was personally meeting someone. She had developed the natural stage of being lost in love, in the Supreme Soul’s remembrance. The vibrations around her gave one the experience of belonging and comfort. Each one of her words was merged in knowledge, or rather, knowledge was merged in every pore of her being. Looking at her, my mind would be lost immediately in the Supreme Soul’s remembrance. There would be no need to make an effort to remember the Supreme Father as this happened naturally.


During my vacation from the Indian navy, Baba had sent me to Jaipur on service for two months. I experienced great bliss doing spiritual service. I returned and shared all the service news with Mama. I then said, “Mama, my heart says I should dedicate myself to Godly service.” Mama gave me an extremely enthusiastic answer, “This is great news. What does a human being need – just 2 rotis to eat and 2 sets of clothes and the yagya can provide this. So go ahead, bring benefit to yourself and others too.” Mama’s inspirational words proved to be very helpful in freeing myself by settling all lokik bondages with love. The meeting and spiritual conversation with Mama is an invaluable treasure of my life. It gives me great pride that Mama herself was the inspiration and co-operative Shakti behind the decision to completely dedicate myself to spiritual service.


Mama had visited Mumbai twice or thrice. Pictures for the first exhibition were being developed in 1964, and Mama had come to Mumbai to offer her suggestions in this service. I remember one incident from those days. We were once travelling by car from Waterloo Mansion to Brother Ramesh’s home, with Mama and Dadi Jamuna in the back-seat, and Brother Ramesh and myself in front. We were crossing Chaupati (a well-known strip along the beach in Mumbai) when we saw a billboard of Roger Drinks (alcohol by Roger Company). It was a digital advertisement where a bottle was shown filling a glass with the drink. Once the glass was emptied, it would immediately get re-filled and the cycle continued. Brother Ramesh and I began discussing how we too should create something similar based on knowledge for the exhibition. We then asked Mama, “What did you think about that advertisement?” Mama gave us an answer that we could never have imagined or dreamed of! She said, “When Mama is in class, it is only then that she views everything before her. At all other times, this world does not exist for her.” Such was the extent of Mama’s disinterest for the old world and materialistic things!


In those days, Baba used to send telegrams of Godly messages to personalities such as national and international politicians, religious leaders, and social workers etc. Baba would design the matter for these telegrams and then show them to Mama. If there was anything missing or changes needed to be made, Mama would do it herself or have it done. Mama was in Mumbai, along with Bhau Vishwa Kishore, when we received the news that Pope Paul VI was soon to visit India. A Godly telegram had to be sent to him. Baba sent the message to Mumbai for Mama’s approval. Mama, Bhau, Brother Ramesh, and I finalized the telegram and we sent it to the Pope at 12 midnight. The message contained therein was: “A hearty welcome to you in Bharat! This Bharat is the land where the Supreme Father, Supreme Teacher, and Supreme Preceptor (Satguru) incarnates. Having come to this land, you can receive the Godly message that will make your life so elevated, and enable you to attain liberation and liberation-in-life. The Brahma Kumari Sisters and Brothers are present to carry out this service.” The diligence of Brother Jagdish and Brother Ramesh in sending this telegram resulted in us gaining permission to meet the Pope. Dadiji, Dadi Nirmal Shanta, Dadi Sheel, Brother Ramesh and Brother Jagdish were part of the delegation that met Pope Paul VI, and gifted him and many other Bishops with beautifully decorated pictures of the Trimurti, Cycle, Tree etc.

Mama also used to go through and check the Murlis along with finalizing the matter for letters or telegrams to eminent people; this was Mama’s special role at the time. Apart from which, she would fill everyone with enthusiasm, increase our will-power, and help us to progress.


Mama’s organising capabilities were elevated and splendid. She was efficient in the art of making everyone work in unison. If Baba mentioned something as an example, Mama would immediately inculcate it – she was number one in this aspect. She naturally displayed the complete sanskars of a mother. Her way of instantly dedicating her life – known as ‘jhãtku’ – became the ideal for numerous brothers and sisters and a source of inspiration to uplift many lives. The biggest thing was that everyone accepted her as Mother of the Yagya. People naturally saw her as a mother. She fulfilled everyone’s requirements without ever needing to be asked; she didn’t give anyone the chance to ask for something. No one thought about the differences in Mama’s and their own ages. No matter which religion, caste or sect someone belonged to, each one had the same unlimited feeling that “This is my mother”, “She is my well-wisher”. Whether it was according to drama or Baba’s doing, she was the one who had to become Mother of the Yagya, Mateshwari, Mama.


From the beginning till the end, Mama never let her spiritual endeavour slacken. She would wake up every morning at 2 – 2:30 a.m. and specially practice silence and remember Baba in His powerful form. Her diary was filled with deep churnings on various topics. I had the great fortune of reading her diary in Jaipur. A sister, who had stayed with Mama for a year, had copied the points of knowledge from Mama’s diary into her own, and I got the chance to read the latter. Reading those points, I realized to what extent Mama used to churn the ocean of knowledge, the depths of knowledge she had experienced and how much she had practised inculcating the same! Poets and scholars have described the Goddess of Wisdom, Saraswati, but it is my greatest fortune to have practically seen her in action, learned from her, and become her child.

*by BK Nirwair Bhaiji


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