MAMA – Spiritual Mother,Bestower Of Fortune

It is my hundred-fold fortune that I not only met Mama in my spiritual life but received sustenance from her too. She was in the corporeal form for about two to two-and-a-half years after I came into knowledge, but spent most of that time in Mumbai. This is why I received considerable sustenance from Mama in my initial years as a Brahmin. Baba used to call me “Mama’s flower, Mama’s creation.”


In those days, Mama used to give class every Sunday evening at Waterloo Mansion, Mumbai, which would take the form of a public get-together. Sister Usha from Mumbai had recently come into gyan, and sent me an invitation for this occasion. I did not pay too much attention to the invitation card but she phoned me on Friday and asked me what my plans were for the coming Sunday. I said I was free. She then asked me to attend the lecture on Sunday evening and I agreed. As soon as I stepped into the ashram (centre) I had the fortune of meeting Mama and listening to her talk. Mama stayed in Mumbai for 9 months, as she was helping to create the Shri Lakshmi-Shri Narayan painting. Mama never went into trance but had more understanding about the deities than even the trance-messengers. She had come to know everything through the yoga of her divine intellect and consequently was able to guide the artists. Dadi Sheel Indra, who was Didi Manmohini’s younger sister and lived in Mumbai at the time, could go into trance. Therefore, both Mama and Dadi Sheel advised and guided the artists.

On the first day I heard Mama’s lecture and later Sister Usha introduced me to Mama. Sister Usha then asked me if I would do the 7-day course and I readily agreed. After I completed the course, Sister Usha took me to meet Mama personally. Whilst introducing me, she said, “Mama, this is my friend who is a doctor by profession. She has completed the course…” and so on. Then Mama asked me, “How are you? Do you understand the knowledge? Ask me if you have any questions.” I asked her, “Mama, Shri Krishna is satopradhan (most elevated) and so is Christ. What is the difference between the two?” Mama replied, “Christ is also satopradhan but he took birth at a rajopradhan stage (medium level), which is why he is not at the same level as Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is the first satopradhan soul of the satopradhan age, that is, Satyug, the Land of Truth.”

(who followed the codes of conduct completely)

Mama always gave class in the mornings. My hospital duty used to be at the same time and I therefore could not attend them but would attend every Sunday morning class. As Mama herself was the idol of dhãrnã (inculcation), her classes too were channeled on the same lines and everyone found them very appealing.

Mama never missed Amrit Vela Meditation. Once, a minister came to meet Mama in Mumbai and it was around midnight by the time he left. Even so, Mama got up at 2 a.m. the next day according to her daily routine. Mama used to stay in Brother Ramesh Shah’s home in those days. Brother Ramesh said to her, “Mama, you must have slept at around 1 a.m., but you have still woken up at your regular time.” Mama then replied, “If I can stay awake to keep an appointment with a minister, how can I possibly miss my appointment with my Piyu (Father) at Amrit Vela?”


Mama’s spoken versions touched all hearts, and this is why many people would come to listen to her. When Mama went out on service tours to different centres, mothers (whose relatives were not following gyan or keeping these mothers in bondage) would bring their husbands and sons to meet Mama. Mama would lovingly talk to them, ask them about themselves and then request them to take the 7-day introductory course, which they would agree to. On completing the course, their minds and thinking would transform, and they would free their mothers or wives from bondage. Mama was instrumental in freeing many such mothers from bondages.

I came into gyan in 1962. After one-and-a-half years, I had my first meeting with corporeal Baba. He told me, “Daughter, you have to become a double-doctor.” My lokik father later gifted me a house where I opened a clinic as well as Godly centre. Avyakt Bap Dada and Dadiji sent me to London on service in 1972. As per Dadiji’s directions, I closed my clinic and went on foreign service. Thus, with Mother Saraswati’s total support I took birth and dedicated myself to Godly service. She is my spiritual mother, who also ordained my fortune.

*by Dr. (Sis.) BK Nirmaladidi

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