Mama’s Sustenance made one into Baba’s heir child

One morning, I saw my lokik mother getting ready to go out and I asked her where she was going. She said Mateshwariji had arrived and that she was going to meet her. I asked her if I could accompany her and went along. When we reached, class had not begun yet and Mama was standing outside her room. Some near and dear sisters were embracing Mama one by one. I thought this must be a custom of the ashram, and I too joined the queue. When I reached Mama, she put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Accha, this is our Chakradhari.” Baba had written in his letter that I was indeed Chakradhari (spinner of the discus). When Mama called me Chakradhari, all the brothers and sisters assumed that it was my real name and from that day on, began calling me Chakradhari. Baba wrote to me, “Mama called you Chakradhari and this name was then proclaimed through the mouths of Brahmins.” And so, the name Chakradhari became permanent.

I once had the hundred-fold fortune of staying with Baba in Mumbai for a month, whilst Mama remained in Delhi. On my return, Mama sent a message: The daughter who has returned after meeting Baba should come and share her experiences with Mama. Mama called me to her room and asked me, “What was your experience living with Baba? What did Baba speak to you about?” When I shared my experiences, I noticed that Mama’s manner of listening was very unique. Till today, that scene comes before me of how Mama sat and listened completely lost in love. She was lost in Baba’s remembrance and affection. It made me understand how much love and regard Mama had for Baba and Baba’s words! Mama listened excitedly and in rapture. Mama saw two forms in one Baba – one was the Supreme Father and the other, Father of the World. Mama had understood Baba absolutely – the one sitting within Brahma Baba and relating this great knowledge.

Mama followed Baba to perfection. Baba too used to wake up at 2 a.m. Once when I visited Madhuban, I was given accommodation in the room next to Baba’s. I saw Baba awaken at 2-2:30 a.m., light his table lamp, cover it slightly with a napkin (to lower its intensity), and begin to note down something. The next morning I asked him, “Baba, were you writing something last night?” Baba replied, “Yes, daughter. I was finishing the work given by Almighty Baba. Only when I have completed the task given to me can I ask the same of other children.” And so, Baba would stay up long nights fulfilling Almighty Baba’s orders.

Mama’s life was highly charismatic. Whoever saw her would feel she belonged to them; they saw her as their mother and received blessings from Mother Goddess. There was a mother who attended the Kamla Nagar centre, in Delhi, whose husband was good by nature but had been misled by antagonists and therefore prevented his wife from visiting the ashram. But she would still come secretly. When she heard Mama would be visiting the centre, she told her husband, “Mateshwariji is coming. She is Amba. She is a Goddess. Just meet her once and take her blessings. If after meeting her you still feel it is not right to visit this institution, I will stop going there.” This convinced him and she succeeded in bringing him to the centre. Mama had a personal meeting with the two of them. For five minutes, she gave them sweet drishti and shared elevated versions. The husband was totally ecstatic after having met and heard from Mama. His wife told him, “There is a Godly centre close to our home. Invite Mama to visit that centre. We and other people living around there will be able to take much benefit.” The brother immediately said, “Mama, please accept our invitation. We will make all appropriate arrangements for you at the centre.” Mama lovingly agreed to his request. They made beautiful arrangements for Mama’s 8-day stay. During those days, the brother used to be the first to come and sit before Mama in class. Since he had invited Mama, he felt there should be nothing lacking at the centre. He became a very firm student of Baba’s and when they built a new home, they resided on the bottom floor and gave the top floor for running Baba’s centre. This clearly shows that whoever received Mama’s sustenance became Baba’s heir child.

* by BK Chakradharididi

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