The Importance of Pure or Elevated Thoughts

The easy way to serve the world in the present times is to enable the wandering intellect of all souls to focus, through a concentration of elevated thoughts. All souls of the entire world wish to focus their wandering intellect and mischievous mind. How will you fulfill this need or wish of the world? If you don’t remain focused or cannot concentrate, then how could you help others to do it?

Concentration means, constantly none other than One Baba. Do special practice to have such constant, stable stage. For that:

1. Transform waste thoughts into pure thoughts

2. Continue to move forward finishing all the different types of obstacles easily through intense spiritual love

Bind everyone in such a bondage, such an embrace, of pure thoughts, that it becomes a protective canopy even for those who are weak, and becomes a means of safety and strength. You have less recognition of the power of pure thoughts. Experience what wonder one pure or elevated, powerful thought can do.

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