The Greatness of the Power of Silence

How great is the power of silence! The power of silence will cool the fire of anger. the power of silence can finish the upheaval of waste thoughts. It can finish the old, strong sanskars. The power of silence can easily finish many types of mental diseases. The power of silence can give the donation of life to those who are distressed. The power of silence enables many souls meet God. It enables souls who have been wandering for many births to experience having a home. The power of silence enables one to be a charitable soul. It enables one to have a tour of the three worlds in one second. Did you understand how great the power of silence is!

Now you experience the power of facilities in service, through the power of speech. You are also attaining that success. However, the power of silence is more elevated than the power of speech, or physical facilities. The power of silence means good thoughts, good feelings and the language of the eyes. On the basis of the power of silence, through the language of the eyes, you can give the experience of the Father. 

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