Still looking for love?

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं? प्यार है? Accha!

So how did I end up in the state I am in today- one of complete degradation and how does God help me reclaim my status? We said body consciousness but what does that mean?

Let’s back up a step. We are all looking for love, we want to be loved. They say the most important person I know is me. So needless to say, throughout the cycle I was in love with myself but I knew who I was for ½ that time and then forgot for the 2nd half. I started identifying myself with my body and therefore loving my body and all that comes with it. I started investing valuable time in pampering it- invested effort and resources in buying accessories to decorate it, in clothing it in the finest fabrics. I invested in amenities – homes, furniture etc., and the grandest I could afford to make it comfortable. If this wasn’t enough, I also started seeing others as bodies too and being attracted to those that were as or more decorated than mine.

No wonder then, I am still frustrated, dissatisfied and searching! I love that which cannot reciprocate my love! No fault of its own, the body is matter, made up of the five elements and so it cannot possibly know let alone reciprocate love. So while I had our priority right all along to love myself, I just forgot who I was – identity crisis!

God is here now and He is helping me remember who I really am – the soul, the powerful divine being. And so now I realize that I was spending all that time, money and energy in decorating essentially bones and flesh that couldn’t care less about my affection! So now, He teaches me to divert that energy and time to decorating myself and I can do it for free! So today, I decorate myself with the jewels of the knowledge of who I am, who God is and why I am here. I clothe myself with the fabric of virtues. As a result, I find me respecting myself like I never have before. Is love something else?

I see others as souls too which means I recognize and respect them! They derive energy from the respect I give them, from the realization that I actually know them and care about them and more often than not, they start to get to know themselves and respect themselves too. There is reciprocation because I am now interacting with not matter but a spiritual being!

And at this point when I recognize myself, I recognize the force, the energy that helped me get here. I see Him – the being that is also a soul like me but full in all virtues always! He is so powerful, He is able to see me in my perfect form when I am my most imperfect. He is so powerful, He is able to love me when I don’t even know who I am. He is so powerful, He is able to teach me how to respect myself by respecting me. He is so powerful, He is able to be my strength as I falter along the way of discovering myself. He is so powerful, He is able to protect me from myself by arming me with knowledge.

And so it is true that the soul is ONLY attracted to the Supreme Soul. To the One that has always been the ONLY ONE to show the path, to help selflessly and unconditionally. THAT is love.

Have you experienced it yet?

याद किया दिल ने कहाँ हो तुम
झूमती बहार है कहाँ हो तुम
प्यार से पुकार लो जहाँ हो तुम

खो रहे हो आज किस खयाल में
दिल फँसा है बेबसी के जाल में
मतलबी जहां मेहरबान हो तुम
याद किया दिल ने कहाँ हो तुम
प्यार से पुकार लो जहाँ हो तुम

रात ढल चुकी है सुबह हो गई
मैं तुम्हारी याद लेके खो गयी
मेरी लिए दास्तान हो तुम
याद किया दिल ने कहाँ हो तुम
प्यार से पुकार लो जहाँ हो तुम

तुम हमारी ज़िंदगी के बाग हो
तुम हमारी राह के चिराग हो
मेरे लिये आसमान हो तुम
याद किया दिल ने कहाँ हो तुम

प्यार से पुकार लो जहाँ हो तुम

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