Please Introduce Yourself!

You are ones who make difficult things easy and change a crucifix into a thorn.

When you experience difficulty, even in thoughts, in any situation or circumstance, when something does not seem easy, you will fail. What do you do when something is difficult? Just as there is the saying, “There’s happiness when you keep yourself at a distance”, similarly you either keep yourself at a distance from that situation at that time, or you move away from it. Of which path would you call that a sign? That of the path of isolation; you become isolated for that time. You are not those who belong to the path of isolation, are you? Those who belong to the family path never move away. The lotus does not belong to those on the path of isolation; in fact, it is a sign of belonging completely to the family path. In the same way, those who belong to the family path will never run far away, for even when they come into a gathering or come into connection, they experience the difficult things to be easy. This is the introduction of you special souls.

My name: master almighty authority

My Form: Shaktis and Mahavir who have all the weapons

My Virtues: to become a practical embodiment of virtues of all powers you receive from the Father, that is, all the powers such as the power to tolerate, the power to accommodate, the power to face, the power to co-operate etc. The virtue is to put all the powers into practice.

My Occupation: To make difficult things easy, to bring about transformation; you are not those who run away.

My Place of Residence: the place of residence means the stage in which you stabilize yourself and that is of a detached observer. In order to stay on the track of drama and to perform every action and have every thought whilst holding the shield of the drama, you should have the stage of being detached whilst interacting and of a detached observer. You become detached observer for a little while and then you become trapped in the consciousness of “I”. The main reason for falling from this stage is due to the consciousness of “I”, that is of, body consciousness. You have understood body consciousness, but body consciousness that has now transformed itself into a royal form sometimes makes you forget. What is the sign of that body consciousness? Its foundation is body consciousness, but its form is royal. What is the sign when this royal form comes in front of you? Any type of arrogance will definitely make you insult either yourself or others. Not to give regard to what other say, to cut them off, is also a royal form of arrogance. Even though in some cases, you may think that something is more elevated than something else, and even if it is true, you should not cut off the ideas of others and present your ideas instead. Those who cut others off are said to have arrogance. Therefore, no matter whether someone is young or old, or a maharathi, if anyone from the cavalry puts his advice in front of the others according to his own capacity, then you must give regard to him too. To give regard to the ideas of someone mans to give regard to that person himself. Only those who give such regard can become masters of the world and they also claim a right to receiving regard from everyone. This is why you must follow the father. Anytime, someone gives advice, he is giving that considering it to be right. Then, at that time, even a little bit of disregard is felt a great deal. Even one word feels like an arrow. This is why, whilst giving regard to everyone, you should never use the words, “How could this happen? This is not possible at all”. What would you lose, if, instead, you said: “Yes, it is very good. We shall think about it.” Ultimately, he will of course do whatever he wants in a practical way. However, you have to make the little ones co-operative with yourself by giving them love and regard. This is giving and receiving regard. Such souls with a Brahmin birth who stabilize themselves in such an elevated stage never find anything difficult.

My Time of Birth: Let the time of Brahmin birth always remain in your consciousness. This elevated time of being an instrument is for earning a multimillion fold income from every form of service and every thought.

If you keep this entire introduction in your awareness, you can easily become complete.

To those who constantly move along in a practical way according to the introduction of their alokik birth; to the elevated souls who constantly maintain their stage of self-respect, to the souls who remain constantly engaged in the love and co-operation of service, BapDada’s love, remembrance and Namaste.

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